16 Best Bars in

Brown Rice

If there’s one thing we Louisvillians know how to do – it’s how to drink! The bars in Louisville are open later, and our whiskey just tastes better.

Alcohol-free? You’re in luck, most bars in Louisville are stocking non-alcoholic and mocktail options! And you can even ask for a Kentucky 74 substitute at select bars.

It’s beautiful, the food is fantastic, and the beer menu might lead to your own personal religious experience.

Holy Grale

Silver Dollar is like a beautiful modern-day honky tonk, with colorful hanging lights and a massive bar top perfect for sliding a mug after a long day.

Silver Dollar

Alex&nder sits on the rooftop of the Copper & Kings Distillery in the heart of Butchertown. The rooftop views are stunning, but the drinks are stunning-er.


Inside the posh Omni Hotel, through the lobby past the portrait of the finger to lips quiet pose, and then down the hall past the “Shh..” neon sign down to Pin + Proof. 

Pin + Proof

Packed with classics like skee ball, and newer arcade staples like Killer Queen, Rec Bar is an abundance of fun.

Rec Bar

If you want to live out your Hannah Montana fantasy, check out Norae Bar - It’s a karaoke bar in NuLu that features 9 private song rooms as well as a main stage! Dare I say, it’s the best of both worlds.

Norae bar

Yellow Leaves
Jump Rope

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