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Let’s be honest: dessert is its own meal. It’s like 11sies, or 4th meal, or 2nd breakfast: totally legit and definitely a real meal. Anyway, we happily sacrificed our health to compile this list of the best places to satisfy your sweet tooth in Louisville.

Whether you’re looking for something fancy, a Louisville specialty, or just want to indulge in an ice cream sundae, these are the best places for desserts in Louisville!

High-tail it to Bae’s Baekery for the largest cookie of your entire life.

1) Bae’s Bakery

Eating my feelings at Louisville Cream! Strawberry mascarpone ice cream with toasted marshmallow topping and cinnamon-sugar brioche bites.

2) Louisville Cream

The real star here is the pie. Their best selling pie flavor is the Kentucky Butter Pie (of course), which combines a smooth custard with flaky crust into one fantastic dessert!

3) Homemade Ice Cream & Pie Kitchen

Please & Thank You serves the best chocolate chip cookie in Louisville. As a bonus, they also serve some of the best coffee too.

4) Please & Thank You

A Chocolate Bourbon Donut from Hi-Five Donuts in Louisville, Kentucky. If this isn’t fancy enough for you, you can create the DIY donut of your dreams!

5) Hi-Five Doughnuts

Try a bite-sized pie in the original Southern classic, or an upgraded version like a Bourbon Pecan Sweet Potato Pie.

6) Georgia’s Sweet Potato Pie Company

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