9 Best Dog Parks in Louisville, KY

Brown Rice

Are you looking to explore Louisville, Kentucky with your furry companion? There are some great dog parks in Louisville that offer plenty of fun and relaxation for both owner and pup.

Read on for all the details about the best places to let your four-legged family members roam free around Louisville, Kentucky!

Sawyer Dog Park was the first official off-leash dog park in Louisville, opened in 2004. It is a designated 6-acre area within the lush 554 acres of the E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park.

Sawyer Dog Park

This is one of the newer and smaller dog parks in Louisville, but it is also one of the least crowded.

Champions Dog Run

A tucked away, 2-acre urban oasis, right off Lexington Road, the grass really is always greener over here, ya’ll! Literally, the landscape is beautiful, the trees are lush and the people are friendly.

Cochran Hill Dog Run

The Barklands of Floyd’s Fork blows the others out of the park (pun intended) in terms of cleanliness, pristine landscapes, modern designs, and architecture.

The Barklands of Floyds Fork

Great location, near plenty of dog-friendly venues and patios! Tons of off-street parking is available. I tell you there is never a dull moment here.

Morton Avenue Dog Park

Getting a beer with your fuzzy friend is the best of both worlds. High tops and TVs aplenty, and the garage doors open up to the nearly 8,000 square feet of outdoor play area.

PG&J Dog Park Bar

Yellow Leaves
Jump Rope

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