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There are so many places to get some of the best donuts in Louisville, and we won't judge if you try them all to figure out your favorite!

These are the top 9 shops to get the best donuts in Louisville for your next Sunday morning donut run, whether you want light and fluffy, or dense and cakey fried dough.

Did someone say maple bacon donut?! This divine treat is from Nord's Bakery!

Nord's Bakery

Head over to Clifton Donuts for fresh, fluffy donuts made in-house by this small-town mom-and-pop shop.

Clifton Donut Shop

Over the last 130+ years Heitzman has grown quite a following, so it's no surprise they have some of the best donuts in Louisville!

Heitzman Traditional Bakery and Deli

If you are not in the mood for a donut, there are apple fritters and bear claws at King Donuts that are made fresh in-house.

King Donuts

Hi-Five Doughnuts has the distinction of being the first female-owned-and-operated food truck and bakery dedicated to doughnuts.

Hi-Five Doughnuts

Plehn's Bakery has no shortage of options to offer. There are standard flavors like chocolate cake and raspberry-filled iced jelly donuts.

Plehn's Bakery

At Jeff's Donuts, there are over 40 different options for your donut delight, with icings that include orange, cherry, maple, and apple.

Jeff's Donuts

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