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Louisville is without a doubt the gayest city in Kentucky (though Lexington is a very close second). Here you can find gay sports leagues, gay-owned restaurants, and so many pride flags it’s hard to tell where the true gayborhood really is.

Here's our list of gay bars in Louisville, from chill bars to dance bars. We also have included some gay-friendly bars as well!

Hang out on the huge covered patio and drink a frozen strawberry daiquiri - they're strong and delicious!

Chill Bar

Tilted Brush Stroke

When you walk in you’re going to feel like you’re in a clean, classy club, with white floors, neon lights, and white walls decorated with portraits of their resident performers.

Play Dance Bar

This lounge area gives Willy Wonka meets 60s psychedelic vibes.

Big Bar

Yes, I’m aware this bar is not technically in Louisville, but Pride Bar is literally right over the river and is the only gay bar in southern Indiana, which makes it a pretty special place!

PRIDE Bar + Lounge

Tilted Brush Stroke

Nachbar is a fun hipster bar in Germantown that has an amazing selection of crafted beer. Every time I visit this bar I feel like I’m walking into a really cool basement bar.


Mag Bar is, in my opinion, the best dive bar in the city of Louisville. This grungy, dark bar is located in historic Old Louisville.

Mag Bar

Tilted Brush Stroke

The actual bar inside is almost 100 years old and dates back to when this building first became a bar in the 1930s.

The Merryweather

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