Best Places to Get Pizza in

Louisville has so many amazing options, whether you are looking for something fancy, pizza by the slice, or just the best darn pizza pies Louisville has to offer.

You need pizza? Here are the best places to get pizza in Louisville, from fancy pizza to pizza by the slice!

True to its name, Coals Artisan Pizza is your go-to for that smoky flavor that is unique to pizza cooked over an open coal fire.

Coals Artisan Pizza

Lupo specializes in wood-fired Neapolitan pizza made with fresh local veggies and ingredients. These pizzas are artistically designed.

Pizza Lupo

Square Cut pizza is distinct for not only their square-cut shape, but for bringing delicious Roman-style pizza to Louisville.

Square Cut

For a classic long and foldable New York-style pizza, I head straight for The Post. This is the best place to get huge slices of pizza by the slice and a strong drink!

The Post

The slices are big and flat like a traditional New York Style, but designed in what I lovingly like to call munchie pizza. The pie designs can be a bit creative and kinda greasy.

Spinelli’s Pizzeria

Louisvillians have crossed the Big Four bridge for years to treat themselves to Parlour Pizza. The crust is fairly thick, but still has a nice crispy texture that stands up well to toppings. 

Parlour Pizza

Yellow Leaves
Jump Rope

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