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Are you feeling hungry and craving a burger? Here is a list of the best burgers in Louisville that are big, thick, and juicy.

If you’re into cheese just as much as you’re into beef – you’re gonna want to get the Southern Burger. It's topped with sharp cheddar pimento cheese, bacon, and spicy dill pickles!

1) Grind Burger Kitchen

These burgers are made from local 3D Valley Farm beef and Klaus’ pretzel buns. They're also topped with sharp white cheddar, smoked bacon, and onion jam.

2) Holy Grale

The Ribeye Burger is a house-ground blend of ribeye, tri-tip, and sirloin patty, covered in bacon jam, 80/20 sauce, shredded lettuce, grilled pickled onions, tomato, a sunny side egg and bacon on a pretzel bun.

3) 80/20 @ Kaelin’s

Hope your mouth is big, because Mussel and Burger Bar has some big ole’ burgers!

4) Mussel And Burger Bar

All burgerz are cooked in that traditional diner flat top style, with plenty of options for either one smashed patty or the double-decker patties.

5) Bunz Burgerz

Six Forks Burger Co. has your traditional burgers but also… Burmese python burgers?!

6) Six Forks Burger Co.

They also have an Exotic Beast Burger with a blend of ground Wild Boar, Elk, Waygu Beef & Bison, if you wanna get all your game under one bun.

7) Six Forks Burger Co.

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