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Louisville brings tons of variety to its local coffee: each of the best Louisville coffee shops has its own personality and unique take on bean sourcing, roasting, and aesthetic.

Sunergos Coffee is a third wave coffee shop that roasts their own beans and makes a damn fine espresso.


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Try a creamy frozen Chaiberg, a delicious frozen blended spiced chai milkshake which tastes like a warm early fall day.

Heine Brothers’ Coffee

I usually like to hit up Quills in the middle of the day (after I’ve already had a hot cup or two) to get their Mystic Coffee Soda.

Quills Coffee

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The drip coffee here is the best in Louisville, and their specialty drinks – like a Butterscotch Latte with espresso, milk, and butterscotch sauce – are the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.

Please and Thank You

Red Hot Roasters is a small roasting garage just off of Lexington Ave. I love the retro branding, and the fact they are USDA-certified organic.

Red Hot Roasters

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The coffee program at Gralehaus has gained the coffee snob respect and approval badge because of their dedication to quality. The Maca Mocha Latte from Gralehaus is aesthetic AF.


Fante’s Coffee House is the quintessential adorable, cozy cafe. And they serve their drinks with a teeny cookie! Win!

Fante’s Coffee House

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