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Guess what, y'all? You don't need to venture out to the Bourbon Trail to taste bourbon or take a distillery tour: there are plenty of distilleries in Louisville!

Evans Williams bourbon is a staple in Louisville. You'll find it everywhere, which is not surprising because Evan Williams was Kentucky's first distillery, opened in 1783!

1) Evan Williams Bourbon Experience

Old Forester is located on Whiskey Row, the historic home of the bourbon industry in Louisville. In 2018, Old Forester moved back into the same building they inhabited from 1882 – 1919.

2) Old Forester

Situated on the border between Downtown Louisville and NuLu is the Angel’s Envy Distillery. These small-batch bourbon distillers specialize in smooth sipping finished bourbon.

3) Angel’s Envy Distillery

Michter’s has two locations in Louisville: an enormous warehouse distillery in Shively where the spirits are actually produced, and a tasting room and "micro distillery" located in the historic Fort Nelson Building on Museum Row.

4) Michter's Distillery

Stitzel-Weller is a fantastic distillery to visit if you want to feel especially fancy. And hey, the bourbon is great too!

5) Stitzel-Weller Distillery

Peerless produces top-quality bourbons and ryes in classic single barrel expressions. But our favorite is their Double Oak Bourbon, aged twice for a smooth palate of honey sweetness, cinnamon, and spicy oak.

6) Kentucky Peerless Distilling Co.

There's more than just bourbon distilleries in Louisville! The Butchertown-based Copper & Kings Distillery produces brandy, absinthe, gin, and a variety of liqueurs, all made from American-grown grapes and apples.

7) Copper & Kings

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