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the highlands


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The Highlands is one of the most iconic neighborhoods in Louisville.  Built around the vibrant Bardstown Road corridor, the walkable neighborhood is both historic and extremely cool!

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The Original Highlands dates back to 1814 and was called “New Hamburg”. In the 1800s, Bardstown Road, a new streetcar, & Cherokee Park attracted residents. By the 1930s, the area developed into today's Highlands!

Highlands History

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1. Jack Fry's 2. The Fat Lamb 3. Taco Luchador 4. Havana Rumba 5. GraleHaus

Places to Eat

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Stroll in a Historic Park

1. Cherokee Park 2. Tyler Park 3. Cave Hill Cemetery

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Admire the Murals

The Highlands is home to a ton of street art! You’ll find murals decorating brick walls, businesses, and even utility boxes all over the neighborhood.

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1. Quills Coffee 2. Heine Bros Coffee 3. Sunergos Coffee 4. Safai Coffee

Local Coffee Shops

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1. Unorthodox Shop 2. Dot Fox 3. Electric Ladyland 4. Natural Mystic 5.Carmichael’s Bookstore

Browse  Quirky Shops

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Highlands Nightlife

1. The Bard's Town 2. Highlands Taproom 3. O’Sheas Irish Pub 4. Comedy Caravan 5. Chill Bar

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There's a Map!

Head to our blog post for an interactive map of the best things to do in the Highlands.

Head to the blog for more!

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