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How to Taste Bourbon

Do you want to be a bourbon connoisseur? Well, if you're looking for an introduction into the world of whiskey tasting, look no further.

With a few simple steps, even a beginner can appreciate all that bourbon has to offer – from its robust flavors and captivating aromas, to its smoothness and depth.

Legally, Bourbon is a type of whiskey that is aged in new charred oak barrels and made with at least 51% corn.

What is Bourbon?

Notice the color. Color comes mostly from the barrel and age, so although it may look all the same at first glance, compare different bourbons from one another.

Second step is just as easy, sniffing the bourbon. Most proper bourbon glasses will be tapered toward the top to funnel the aromas.

Instead, give a little distance between your nose and the glass and take a light whiff, leaving your mouth open as you breathe in.

Take a small sip and swish it around your mouth without initially swallowing. Hit all the taste buds – this is what we call the Kentucky Chew.

And then swallow your first sip. That first swish might feel a bit strong, but over time you’ll start to notice it burns a little less and the actual flavors of the bourbon will start to pop out

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