Kentucky Bourbon Trail in 3 Days

Brown Rice

I know you already know this, but Kentucky has a lot of bourbon, which means that we have a lot of distilleries.

But which ones should you visit? How do you get to them all in a limited time? Well, that’s where our Kentucky Bourbon Trail 3 day itinerary comes in!

The James E. Pepper distillery is located in Lexington, and is about a 35-minute drive from Frankfort.

James E. Pepper Distilling Co.

This Spanish Mission-style distillery and grounds are budding with red roses, just about everywhere you look. A great stop for you and your amor.

Four Roses Distillery

No tours or tastings are offered at this time, so this stop along the trail is short and sweet, but don’t worry you’re still able to grab a cocktail from the gift shop.

Wild Turkey

To see the Distillery both inside and out, you should book the 70-minute Path to Flavor Tour. This tour covers the grounds, history, the 5 sources of flavor, and ends with a taste of bourbon!

Woodford Reserve Distillery

The once ruin of a castle was transformed in 2014, and has been making killer spirits ever since. The thing I love about Castle & Key, because it’s so new, the equipment and approach is more modern.

Castle & Key Distillery

The absolute best part of Buffalo Trace, you know besides the river of flowing bourbon, is that all tours and tastings are complimentary. Yes, free! Talk about value.

Buffalo Trace Distillery

From Bardstown you’ll be able to experience some of the best distilleries in the state like Makers Mark, Willett, Heaven Hill, Limestone Branch, Bardstown Bourbon, and even Jim Beam!

Bardstown, KY

Yellow Leaves
Jump Rope

Learn more about our 3 day itinerary on the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky!