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Kentucky Derby

Everything You Need to Know

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The first Derby started in 1875, when a man named Meriwether Lewis Clark. Today, the Kentucky Derby holds the distinction of being the longest-running sporting event in U.S. history.

Derby tickets run the gamut as far as cost goes: from General Admission which will run you around $65 if you get them early, to Millionaire’s Row can cost up to $10,000.

How Much Are Tickets?

The infield is a par-tay, with high-energy drunk shenanigans. It’s a lot of fun, but you’re definitely going for the party more than the actual race.

General Admission (The Infield)

The next tier tickets are the Infield Uncovered Reserved Bleacher Seating, which are the cheapest “reserved seating” you’re going to find on Derby day.

Infield Bleacher Seating

The next tier up begins at $1,000 and gets you out of the infield. Tickets from there skyrocket to the $10,000+ range, depending on how fancy and rich you are/ want to be.

Reserved Seating & Boxes

Although “The Kentucky Derby” is a single race run on a single day, “The Derby” is more like a 6-week long event. You can still get your fill of horse racing, fabulous hats, and Mint Juleps.

Derby Week Races

Here are our overall top Kentucky Derby tips to keep in mind ➡️

General Kentucky Derby Tips

Bets may not be made with a credit card, in accordance with state law. I guess they don’t want you betting money you may or may not have? Anyway, bring a debit card.

Outside food is allowed at the Kentucky Derby. For those looking to save a buck, skip the event food and instead bring your own!

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