Famous Kentucky

Brown Rice

Whether you’re just visiting or you’re a local who hasn’t crossed off everything on this list, you’ll want to make sure you try all of Kentucky's famous local foods!

Bourbon Balls are the meeting of bourbon and chocolate in candy perfection. They make excellent gifts…even if you’re giving them to yourself. 😉

1) Bourbon Balls

Modjeska candies were invented in Louisville, and the original recipe was inherited by Muth’s Candies. The candy is essentially a delicious, soft caramel with a chewy marshmallow center. Yum!

2) Modjeskas

Derby Pie™ is a delicious Louisville tradition created by the Kern family in 1954. The traditional version of the pie, made by Kern’s Kitchen, consists of a layer of walnuts over a layer of chocolate, all in a flaky pie crust.

3) Derby Pie™

The quality of Weisenberger grits is so good that many restaurants exclusively serve Weisenberger Grits, and make sure to call it out on the menu, too. Our recommendation is the phenomenal Shrimp and Grits from Jack Fry’s.

4) Weisenberger Grits

What sounds like a drunken late night invention is one of Kentucky’s most delicious creations. The name isn’t misleading: it’s pretty much a sauce made from beer and cheese.

5) Beer Cheese

Yeah, the delicious creation of slow-cooked pork shredded and marinated in a tomato-based sauce was invented in Kentucky. You’re welcome, Earth!

6) Pulled Pork

In 1926, Fred K Schmidt – the chef at the famous and historical Brown Hotel in downtown Louisville – invented a dish that is famous to this day: The Hot Brown.

7) Hot Brown

Yellow Leaves
Jump Rope

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