The Best Lakes near

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Here is a quick list of the best lakes near Louisville, Kentucky, where you can relax whether you want to swim or boat, or both!

Dipping your toes into cool water or spending time on a boat with your crew are among the best ways to make summertime memories in Kentucky.

The water is crystalline, naturally filtered and wonderfully cool on a hot summer’s day and it's one of the closest lakes near Louisville!

Falling Rock Park LaGrange Quarry

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Deam Lake has a sandy beach and is the perfect place to take a dip!

Deam Lake

Surrounded on all sides by limestone and rocky bluffs, Hardy Lake is unique in that it is the only state reservoir not created for flood control.

Hardy Lake

Fenced in by a forested wonderland and a yellow sandy beach, the water at Nolin Lake is the perfect place to take in the scenery while cooling off this summer.

Nolin Lake State Park

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After taking in the breathtaking scenery that comprises the area surrounding Laurel River Lake, you will undoubtedly return to Louisville feeling completely refreshed and ready to tackle the week.

Laurel River Lake

Barren River Lake is a massive 10,100-acre reservoir featuring 141 miles of sunny shoreline. The sandy beach with a gorgeous view of the clear water and lush forest is a delightful place to spend your day.

Barren River Lake

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This gigantic 3,050-acre lake with its many twists and turns is surrounded on both sides by enormous trees and makes an ideal spot for testing your sea legs.

Taylorsville Lake

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