5 Best Neighborhoods to Visit in Louisville

5 Best Neighborhoods to Visit in Louisville

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It’s hard to fall in love with a city without having a great place to stay. This guide will tell you about the best neighborhoods in Louisville, KY that you should visit!

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Downtown is the best place to catch a gorgeous sunset, see some phenomenal local theatre, attend a baseball game, and explore a wide variety of expertly curated museums.

1. Downtown Louisville

Just a few years ago, this area was a dead zone of empty lots, abandoned warehouses, and other not-super-exciting stuff.

2. NuLu

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Its tree-covered streets are lined with beautiful historic homes, including many gorgeous Victorians, especially in the Original Highlands and Cherokee Triangle micro-neighborhoods.

3. The Highlands

Old Louisville is home to the largest collection of historical Victorian homes in the world, made up of 48 blocks of gorgeous, mansion-esque, Victorian homes and tree-covered streets.

4. Old Louisville

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Clifton has some of the best places to eat and drink in Louisville, including Sweet Surrender, The Fuelery, and Comfy Cow!

5. Clifton

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