Cheerful Winter Activities in Indiana

Brown Rice

As we bid farewell to the warm embrace of autumn, it's that time of year where the chill in the air brings a certain magical anticipation.

All throughout the Hoosier State, Indiana reveals a myriad of cheerful winter activities that will surely warm your heart.

Marengo is located about 45 minutes outside of Louisville, Kentucky, so you could pop over for a quick day of exploration!

Explore Marengo Cave

The name says it all- brimming with Christmas spirit and oodles of things to do over the holidays!

Visit Santa Claus, Indiana

This mere half-minute long thrill ride runs at a bone-chilling rate of 35-40 miles per hour- that’s some serious speed!

Pokagon Toboggan Run

Witness the artful transformation of the elegant Seiberling Mansion into a gorgeous holiday home complete with a stunning collection of dozens of delightfully decorated trees spread across 20 rooms!

Christmas At The Seiberling

Perfect for enjoying a snowy day while still keeping warm, these igloos are toasty, private, and make for a wonderful place to sip a great glass of wine and munch on a decadent slice of artisan pizza over engaging conversations with friends.

Drink In An Igloo

You too can be “shushing” down the slopes at Paoli Peaks! Or you can be inside having a hot chocolate instead. Your call!

Hit The Slopes

Yellow Leaves
Jump Rope

Take a look at these cheerful things to do in Indiana in winter!