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best breweries in Louisville


The Louisville brewery scene should not be overlooked. Kentucky farmers are really good at growing grain (hence all the bourbon), so it was inevitable that this rich delicious grain mixture would be brewed into delicious, malt-forward beer.

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Gravely is one of the most gorgeous places to drink beer in Louisville. Climb the stairs to the upper patio, and you can see the city skyline - it's stunning at sunset!

Gravely Brewing Co.

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Pair a pork schnitzel with a funky Eagle Skull saison, bitterballen with a toasty caramel King George brown ale, and bratwurst with an earthy, herbal Churchill Best English pale ale.

Monnik Beer Co.

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As you enter from the back, you will immediately smell whatever delicious beer is currently in production.

Great Flood Brewing Company

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Atrium Brewing creates creative brews, like a coffee Imperial Stout. Take it to the patio and pair it with fried chicken, fried green tomatoes, and beer cheese from Daryk's Food Truck.

Atrium Brewing

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Wild Hops Brewery is inside the Logan Street Market, a mixed use warehouse of local booths and food vendors. Enjoy a brew with some food from the marketplace!

Wild Hops Brewery

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Named after a 1930 Triple Crown winner, Gallant Fox also has 150+ bourbon choices - ideal if your party is made up of both beer and bourbon drinkers!

Gallant Fox Brewing

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Falls City in Phoenix Hill has been in (and for a time, out of) business since 1905. Try their classic, old school Hipster Repellant IPA.

Falls City Beer

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Originally from Asheville, Hi-Wire creates mouth-watering sour beers. Try the Lifts All Ships Raspberry & Blackberry Sour Ale.

Hi-Wire Brewing

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