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NuLu may be one of the trendiest neighborhoods in town – if not the trendiest. Historic brick buildings painted with vibrant murals line the streets, hip local restaurants & bars pour craft beer and bourbon, and art galleries and eclectic shops are all at the core of NuLu.

Filled with delicious restaurants, eclectic locally-owned shops, and decorated with murals, there's a lot to see! Here's what tops our list of things to do in NuLu.

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Eat Something Delicious

From Feast BBQ to Biscuit Belly to Louisville Cream, there's no shortage of incredible Lousville restaurants in Nulu!

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Tour a Bourbon Distillery

Rabbit Hole is right in the heart of NuLu, while Angel’s Envy is a short 7-minute walk away.

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Browse Local Shops

From NuLu Marketplace to Revelry Boutique + Gallery, NuLu is full of locally owned boutiques featuring Kentucky and Louisville artists and handicrafts.

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West Sixth NuLu opens up to the incredible courtyard at NuLu Marketplace. Have a local beer and chill on a warm day!

Visit a Local Brewery

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The best way to see these murals is by doing a Nulu street art scavenger hunt, created by local artist Liz Richter!

Admire NuLu’s Murals & Street Art

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Try Bourbon Balls & Modjeskas

Muth’s Candies is a NuLu original since 1921, and serves up 2 of Louisville's tastiest homegrown confections!

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