While there is no strict dress code, there are certain dress standards for different areas of Churchill Downs, so be sure to look that over. But with our help, your gaudy getup will be grabbing the eyes of dazzled admirers and not getting you kicked out of the Turf Club boxes. 

What to Wear to the Kentucky Derby in 2024: The Ultimate Guide

The most festive day in the 502 — the Kentucky Derby — is almost here. And while the horses are beautiful, athletic, money-making powerhouses for their owners (and lucky betters), any versed Louisvillian knows the main attraction of this iconic event is the fashion. But knowing what to wear to the Kentucky Derby can be confusing!

And maybe the prospect of making a spontaneous fortune is also slightly interesting to us as well, but where most of us will never be rich enough to afford a stable full of prize-winning thoroughbreds, we can all manage to serve a stunning Derby Look™. 

While there is no strict dress code, there are certain dress standards for different areas of Churchill Downs, so be sure to look that over. But with our help, your gaudy getup will be grabbing the eyes of dazzled admirers and not getting you kicked out of the Turf Club boxes. 

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Fashionable Kentucky Derby attendees

What to Wear to the Kentucky Derby

So, let’s start with the basics. When you think, “Kentucky Derby fashion,” picture what you might wear on Easter Sunday — if that was the category of a runway challenge on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

We’re talking big, bodacious hats with flowers, creamy pastel colors, seersucker suits, and loud accessories. It’s basically a garish fashion festival where men and women alike try to one-up each other in a blatant display of wealth and (often poor) taste.

So, if Derby isn’t drag for the wealthy, we don’t know what is! That’s why we’re helping you touch the fashion and change your life with a little history and a lot of suggestions on what to wear to this year’s Kentucky Derby.

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History of Kentucky Derby Fashion

The first Kentucky Derby began during a time period when women were still wearing corsets during their daily lives, and with nearly 150 years of racing, Churchill Downs has seen its fair share of fashion trends come and go — from daring flapper looks to the emergence of the mini skirt (gasp!). There was even a brief trend in the 1910s of “hobble skirts,” which severely limited its wearer’s stride, but served a gorgeous silhouette.  

Though the first Kentucky Derby ran in 1875, it wasn’t yet the fashion event of the year that we now know and love. Col. Meriwether Lewis Clark Jr. (yes, the grandson of THEE William Clark of the Lewis and Clark Expedition) wanted to establish a ritzy horseracing venue in Louisville akin to what audiences in Europe enjoyed at the time. This RuPaul’s Drag Race UK runway category was literally “Off To The Races,” if you’re looking for some more inspiration from across the pond. 

The only hitch? Local women were hesitant to participate, possibly due to the gambling and drinking associated with horseracing events. It wasn’t until Col. Meriwether Lewis Clark Jr. and his wife had the bright idea to pitch the races as social outings for ladies, where they would be required to wear “full morning dress,” aka, fully formal clothing that is worn before 6 p.m. 

And believe it or not, the flamboyant headwear that’s associated with the Kentucky Derby nowadays didn’t really become trendy until the 1960s, when social fashion norms began to shift — and women wanted to stand out from the crowd. Nonetheless, hats were an important indicator of social status, so you still saw aristocratic women at the track wearing wide-brimmed hats adorned with feathers in the late 1800s to early 1900s. 

Contemporary Kentucky Derby outfits get a little more room to roam, and in my estimation, the campier the outfit, the better. I’ve still yet to see someone rock a piece like what Kim Petras wore for the 2021 “American Fashion” MET Gala, but I feel like this could be the year we get close. It’s floral, colorful, and the focal point of the whole look is a giant horse head — you can’t get more Kentucky Derby fabulous than that. 

My personal preferences aside, there are no real rules when it comes to dressing for Derby Day — again, unless you’re in a specific area — because it’s important to dress for where you’ll be spending the day, according to Churchill Downs. While people with seats in the grandstand or clubhouse might wear an understated spring dress and heels or a linen suit, someone in the infield may opt for a suit with shorts or a two-piece cropped dress. I was today years old when I learned crop tops aren’t allowed in the business casual areas of the Downs, boo.

Regardless, you’ll want to dress to impress as this internationally-renowned event attracts a host of celebrities each year, with appearances from Queen Elizabeth II (RIP), Michael Jordan, Kim Kardashian, and more over the years.

Couple with big hats at the Kentucky Derby Louisville KY
If you don’t have a hat are you really at the Derby? (Photo Credit)

Hats at the Kentucky Derby

Despite what I said before, there actually is one rule of Kentucky Derby dressing. You have to wear a hat. 

No, you won’t be escorted out from Churchill Downs if you’re not wearing a hat. But, it’s a fun way to spice up your look and show people what you’re all about on the big day. Plus, wearing a hat to the track is considered good luck, and you want the odds in your favor if you’re trying to win some bets.  

Our hard and fast rule on what dictates a Derby hat? If it sits on your head and you’re at the Derby, it’s a Derby hat. That’s it. Though the trend began with women, both men and women participate in the tradition these days, whether they break out the glue guns and glitter to craft their own, or they contract a local milliner to craft a stunning, one-of-a-kind piece. 

Generally, you’ll see women wearing colorful, wide-brimmed, Southern Belle-esque hats adorned with flowers, ribbons, and sometimes small icons like butterflies, which have been popular in the last few years. Men often go for smaller, less flashy hats like fedoras.

But we love people who dare to be different with their Kentucky Derby outfits, and it’s no shock to see attendees — regardless of gender — arrive wearing horses on their heads, money glued to their hats, and other eccentricities that delight us and make the event worth attending.

Simple or extraordinary, you aren’t really at Derby if you aren’t wearing something on your head, and much like the tickets themselves, Derby hats can range anywhere from pre-made and inexpensive to milliner-made and costly. 

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ladies displaying their derby hats_
Louisville ladies displaying their derby hats. Photo Credit

Where to buy Kentucky Derby Hats for women

You can find Derby hats and fascinators online for budget-friendly prices, even on Amazon. There are also plenty of places right here in town to pick up a hat! Below are a few of our favorite picks:

  • If you’re in a pinch or just want to be extra creative, get out your hot glue gun and make your own! Start with a wide-brimmed sun hat that you can find at any store, like this from Amazon. And then follow a tutorial like this! Remember, you will always earn extra points (in the form of strangers complimenting you) for creativity. The sky is the limit, truly, and you’ll have fun pretending you’re in a design challenge on RuPaul’s Drag Race.
  • For more unique options, you can always find a one-of-a-kind design on Etsy. There’s plenty to inspire your outfit, like these stunning butterfly fascinators.
  • If your budget allows, there are lots of local places in Louisville to get Derby hats while supporting local artists and craftspeople! Start by looking into the Featured Milliners picked each year by Churchill Downs, such as Formé Millinery.
  • Other local hat shops to find your perfect Derby hat include The Mysterious Rack, HeadCandi, and Work the Metal — there are a ton of shops in town that sell Derby hats!
  • See also: Tiffany Woodard Designs. She’s another locally-based milliner and we’re obsessed with her Giant Dandelion Fascinator. It’s beautiful, delicate, and unique from most of the other floral designs you’ll find out there. 
  • Browse The Mad Hatter’s collection online for something big, bold, and feathery. Keep up with her Instagram for updates and more Derby outfit inspiration.  
  • The Hat Girls, based in St. Matthews, is online only except for the month of April. In addition to its dynamic offering of hats and fascinators, you can also have a custom hat made.  
twin spires debry hat
Okay, so this isn’t a hat you can buy per se, but we did tell you to get creative!!! (Photo Credit)

Where to Buy Kentucky Derby Hats for Men

Did you know: men have their very own “derby” hat? Yup. It’s the bowler hat — also called a “derby” — which became common headgear at horse racing events in the late 1800s because it was hard for them to blow off spectators’ heads. Here are a few places to get your own derby, or another style of men’s hat:

  • Why not go classic Derby with a bowler hat? This smart hat will say that your classic, stylish, and know your derby history. Plus it comes in plenty of colors to match your Derby look!
  • Channel your inner Crocodile Dundee with this crushable wool hat. It offers cowboy charisma with its belt and feather and reminds us of one of the cool hats Chris Stapleton might wear. 
  • Don’t turn your nose up at this straw fedora. Straw hats in this style are pretty common on race day, and pair well with seersucker and linen suits. Plus them come in all kinds of fun colors!
  • This wide-brim fedora panama hat is sleek and handsome, and will keep the sun off your face on race day (please don’t let it rain!!!). Plus there are lots of colors for this one, from shocking orange and lime green to more subdued shades.
  • Why not make a statement with a smaller hat like a straw pork pie? It’s not only adorable and stylish but has lots of classy colors to match your Derby day finery.
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Here’s a quick & classy Kentucky Derby fashion primer: wear a fabulous spring cocktail dress and top it off with a giant hat. Voila: you’re Derby ready! (Photo Credit)

Kentucky Derby Attire for Women

If it wasn’t clear from the section above, the hats are the real star here, but clothes that team with the theme of your hat are also important, too.

There are no “official” colors for the Kentucky Derby, but you’re likely to see a lot of pink outfits on Oaks Day, which is also known as ‘Ladies Day,’ and happens the Friday before the Kentucky Derby itself. 

All the three-year-old fillies race on this day, and Churchill Downs asks attendees to incorporate pink into their outfits to drive attention to the fight against breast and ovarian cancer. Bonus: Churchill Downs also hosts its Survivors Parade on Oaks Day, honoring breast and ovarian cancer survivors. 

Different shades of red are more prominently featured in the various outfits on Derby Day, as the race is also referred to as the “Run for the Roses.” So, you’re bound to see race day fashionistas emulating this symbol of the Derby in their dresses, hats, handkerchiefs, and other accessories, like this rose-shaped clutch purse.

Nonetheless, women from around the country — and the world — arrive in mint green, orange, turquoise, yellow, and chic black-and-white outfits. So, while you should keep that Easter Sunday color palette that we mentioned in mind, you don’t have to stick squarely to that if you’re being called to a gorgeous royal purple or a deep, mystical blue.  

In terms of dresses, think floral prints (For spring? Groundbreaking) and cocktail dresses with seasonal heels or sandals. A flat shoe option will also be your friend if you have a lot of standing or walking ahead of you inside the Downs, and many women opt to bring a cheap pair of flip flops to the Downs as well. 

But please, you are a modern Southern belle, which is why I’m here to tell you that you are too sexy for ballet flats. There is no reason those shoes should have made it out of the 2000s, and I will not allow them to make a comeback. Please don’t wear them. 

Instead, opt for something with a trendy shape or some kind of eye-catching detail, like these pointed toe flats or these strappy flats (I love a pastel shoe!). And a little bonus option for you because I love shoes, these scalloped Mary Jane-style flats would also be cute.

Heads up though, check the weather before you opt for velvet — few things are as upsetting as waterlogged velvet or suede

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Let's Go Louisville founder Lia Garcia and husband Jeremy Garcia at the Belle of Louisville in Derby attire
Let’s Go Louisville founder Lia Garcia and her husband Jeremy rockin’ their best Derby fits for the Great Steamboat Race!

Where to buy a Dress for the Kentucky Derby

With a little stylish imagination, you can make any dress a dress fit for the Kentucky Derby. 

Generally, people who go for a big, wild hat wear a more understated dress while people who choose the bold dress wear a more understated hat. But by all means, as your maximalist friend, I encourage you to go all out on both if that’s what your heart says. Here are a few dresses to inspire your Derby Day outfit.

  • This wrap maxi dress is what we’re talkin’ about. This dress has a delicate floral print, movement, and it feels fancy enough to wear into the business casual areas while still fitting in elsewhere at the Downs. 
  • Some women go really classic with their dresses, so this 1950s retro vintage cocktail dress is a loving nod to y’all. I’m in love with the bold ochre color (though there are plenty of color and pattern choices!), the darling cap sleeve, and heart-shaped neckline. It’s a retro dream. 
  • The baby doll dress is one of my favorite trends of the last year because it’s so cute and feminine. This dress is no exception, and it comes embellished with pearls. Since it’s relatively simple, it’d be pretty easy to make or buy a hat to match. 
  • Something about a long pleated skirt like this breathes elegance to me, and this dress is one I can envision sitting in Millionaire’s Row. The colors are refined and the irregular hem of the skirt gives it some whimsy. Definitely a good base for your Derby day look!
  • This flowy yet fitted dress and is easy to picture with a big feathered hat or fascinator on top and it comes in 10+ patterns and colors. It definitely serves “1930s glamour” and I could easily see Jean Harlow or some other star of old Hollywood rocking this out!
  • Show off your shape with this elegant bodycon dress that comes in 10 different colors. With a sleek fit and daring ruffle you can show some body-ody-ody on race day and be the belle of the ball, er, race!
ShopGoldenLily white horse rose garland earrings
Get a Derby-ready look with these winning, white thoroughbred earrings. (Photo Credit)

Where to buy Kentucky Derby Accessories for Women

While accessories might play a smaller role in your overall Derby look, to borrow an old theater adage, there are no small parts, only small actors. Check out these fun, Derby-themed accessories to elevate your look, they can play whatever role you’re looking to fill. 

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fancy man at the kentucky derby_
Derby is your chance to dress up snazzy! (Photo Credit)

Kentucky Derby Attire for Men

For suits, you’ll want at least a suit jacket even if you’re sporting shorts. Seersucker, cotton, and linen are all common fabrics among Derbygoers for breathability, and so are suits with crazy patterns

You may not expect it, but men’s suit jackets can be just as eye-catching as the women’s fashion. One trend that’s particularly cute to see is the prevalence of matching couples: either the lovebirds are sharing a color palette or the same bold print across both their outfits. 

Where to buy a Suit for the Kentucky Derby

If you’re a man and you’ve been reading this long, now is your time to shine. While you can hit up a department store for a formal suit (ya know… gray, blue or black) finding a *Derby* formal suit is a bit of a different matter. Luckily, it doesn’t need to be the nicest suit in your closet, which means it can also be very budget friendly!

Men’s Wearhouse usually has some Derby-esque suits around this time of the year, if you want something higher quality. If you’re not fussed about quality and really want to turn heads, Shinesty puts out an annual Derby collection with prints full of of horses, roses and jockeys (though it’s not always clear whether they understand what Derby themed actually means … like, American flag suits? Not Derby themed!)

Here are a few more options to inspire your Derby day outfits:

  • To kick this section off, let’s start with the classic linen suit. This two-piece is available in 10+ colors (pastel is the most Derby-appropriate) and serves as a gentle introduction to men’s Derby fashion – no prints, and you can totally wear it to a spring wedding or garden party (is anyone still doing garden parties? If so can you invite us??) 
  • Let’s turn it up a notch. This floral suit is a marriage of loud print and floral, masculine elegance, which, let’s be real, is something we definitely want to see on race day!
  • Roses aren’t just for the ladies. This black tuxedo jacket features shimmering rose detail and a single-button closure. This is a super easy jacket to style and match your significant other!
  • Live out your partner’s Hugh Dancy fantasy when you wear this dashing two-piece suit, with tuxedo vest and pants. Because honestly, who is more handsome than Hugh Dancy? Maybe you, in this suit.  
  • Though this section is mostly about suits, you’ll also see a decent amount of men just wearing a nice shirt and pants. It can really be that simple. Go the extra mile and make that nice shirt a bold, floral print
  • Similar to our retro outfit for women, if you’re looking for a throwback-worthy fit, try this checked vintage suit. Remember, Derby fashion can be somewhat out there, so don’t be afraid to stand out!
Let's Go Louisville's editor-in-chief Richie Goff and his husband dressed to the nines on Derby Week at the Belle of Louisville during the Great Steamboat Race!
Let’s Go Louisville’s editor-in-chief Richie Goff and his husband (wearing a Shinesty suit) dressed to the nines on Derby Week at the Belle of Louisville during the Great Steamboat Race!

Where to buy Kentucky Derby Accessories for Men

Before we launch into men’s accessories, keep this list of prohibited items in mind when you’re thinking of fun ways to dress up your look. While we love to make a statement with our outfits, we can’t do that if Churchill Downs won’t let us in because we have something we shouldn’t. 

  • Ties are a man’s best friend….or was that dogs? Anyway, this adorable pink tie has horses on it and will make you look so dapper. Need I say more? 
  • Maybe the look you’re going for would be complete with LED light-up suspenders and bow tie? I mean, what would be more fun and flashy in the infield? Even if it’s not your jam, you’re welcome for letting us help you find it. 
  • Paisley is one of those patterns that I wish had never gone out of style. It’s so fun and groovy, and this paisley bow tie and matching handkerchief easily embody the playful spirit of Derby Day. 
  • If your style is more understated and you want just a gentle pop of color, try one of these floral ties. They’re a perfect dose of color for a classic suit look. 
  • One more floral tie and then I’ll stop, I promise. These skinny ties come in a wide variety of botanical motifs, are made of cotton, and come with a special gift box, according to Amazon. 
  • If you opted for a plain suit or nice shirt, this cloth rose lapel pin can add a little more Derby Day flair to your look. Plus, there’s two, in case you want to pin the second one on your date (you know we love a matchy-matchy moment). 
  • Pair one of those tan linen suits from the section above with a hat and these sunglasses and your look is as good to go as the horses at the starting line. 
  • This retro skeleton watch with diamond detailing is just plain cool, and even though it has a lot going on, it won’t steal your suit’s thunder. 
  • Few things complete a look like a belt, and this one comes in 12 colors — so you can match to your suit or have an unexpected pop of color. 
People watching the Kentucky Derby Run Louisville KY
The odds of it raining on Derby Day are about 50:50. (Photo Credit)

How to Dress for the Weather

The Kentucky Derby is sometimes a gorgeous day… And sometimes a cold rainy mess. That’s Kentucky for ya! Keep these tips in mind when planning:

  • Pack a clear rain poncho or fabulous raincoat, because view-blocking umbrellas are not permitted at Churchill Downs — even clear umbrellas.  
  • Ladies, consider packing a spare pair of flip flops or flats to give your feet a rest after a long day of running back and forth between your seat, the restroom, and concessions. Your feet will thank you on the long walk back to your car at the end of the day. 
  • Always check the weather in the days — and even hours — leading up to the event, as the weather can change on a dime and leave you woefully ill-prepared, which seems to be the case with nearly every Derby ever!
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So do you know what to wear to the Kentucky Derby now? What questions can we answer? Drop us a comment below!

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The most wonderful day in the 502 — the Kentucky Derby — is on its way. And while the horses are beautiful, athletic, money-making powerhouses for their owners (and lucky betters), any versed Louisvillian knows the main attraction of this iconic event is the fashion. But knowing what to wear to the Kentucky Derby can be confusing!
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