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Welcome to Bourbon City, y’all!

Our Louisville travel blog helps visitors and locals explore Louisville, Kentucky, & beyond! Whether you’re stopping in Louisville on your way to do the Bourbon Trail or just visiting Louisville because it’s the best city eerwe’re here to help you plan your trip. Let’s go, y’all!

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Lia Garcia opening the door to Merle's Kitchen on Whiskey Row in Louisville Kentucky

Hey! I’m Lia

I’ve travelled all over the world – but I’ve never found anywhere as special as my hometown, Louisville, Kentucky! I spent the last ten years traveling and blogging, but my husband and I recently settled back down in Louisville to grow our family. I’m here to help you…

  • Discover the most beautiful places in Louisville and Kentucky
  • Fill your weekends up with events, activities and adventures
  • Find new destinations to explore within driving distance

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