The best restaurants for brunch in Louisville, Kentucky!

The 18 Best Restaurants for Brunch in Louisville, Kentucky

Some matches are just made in heaven, like biscuits & gravy, shrimp & grits, a Hot Brown & a Bloody Mary, or French Toast and mimosas. Brunch – that perfect meal between breakfast and lunch during which it is, inexplicably, completely socially acceptable to drink – is made for culinary matchmaking.

But imagine it’s 11 am on a Saturday and you like, need a biscuit and some eggs. Do you know where to get brunch in Louisville? What about brunch-midweek?!!

Well, don’t panic. We’re here to help solve your extremely specific problem. Here are the best places to get brunch in Louisville!

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Brioche French toast topped with lemon ricotta, strawberries and blueberries from The Morning Fork in Louisville, Kentucky.
Brioche French toast topped with lemon ricotta, strawberries and blueberries from The Morning Fork, one of the best places to get brunch in Louisville.

Classic Brunch

Ahh, the classics. Eggs. French toast. Biscuits and gravy. There’s something deeply comforting about a classic American brunch, and luckily for those of us who need comfort on a regular basis, there are plenty of brunch restaurants in Louisville serving up cozy comfort fare!

Here are our picks for the best classic brunch in Louisville.

The Morning Fork

The Morning Fork‘s slogan is “The Ultimate Louisville Brunch Experience” and I mean, they’re not wrong.

The Morning Fork serves up decadent brunch favorites and one-of-a-kind creations. Try the Short Rib Benedict, which has melt-in-your-mouth braised short rib, hash browns, poached medium eggs, béarnaise, and bordelaise.

And their French Toast is no run-of-the-mill french toast, no no no. It is made with brioche and topped with lemon ricotta, strawberries and blueberries, because you fancy.

If you really need to fuel try the MF’n Breakfast Sandwich, a sweet and savory treat with over hard fried eggs, crispy candied bacon, avocado, blackberry jam, white cheddar cheese, toasted Hawaiian bread, and fresh fruit.

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Biscuit Sandwichfrom Biscuit Belly in NuLu, Louisville Kentucky
My favorite Biscuit Sandwich from Biscuit Belly in NuLufavorite: buttermilk chicken with roasted jalapenos, pimento cheese, crunchy pickles, and a fried green tomato. YUM.

Biscuit Belly

Is there anything that says Southern Brunch like a delicious, fluffy buttermilk biscuit?! No. There is not.

In addition to yummy biscuits, Louisville-bornBiscuit Belly also offers three delicious gravies – order a “Gravy Train” to try them all and appreciate the excellent pun – plus a whole bunch of really, ridiculously good biscuit sandwiches.

We have yet to dislike a single thing we’ve tried, but our favorite pairs buttermilk chicken with roasted jalapenos, pimento cheese, crunchy pickles, and a fried green tomato.

In addition to incredible biscuit sandwiches, we also recommend Bonuts: biscuit donut holes served with bourbon cream cheese frosting or chocolate gravy.

One unusual advantage to brunching at Biscuit Belly is that you’ll place your order at a quick-service counter – which is helpful because their dining room is PACKED on weekends. But if you can’t snag a seat, just take your biscuits to go and have a biscuit brunch picnic!

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Toast on Market

While Toast no longer has its NuLu location, venturing to New Albany, Indiana is totally worth it for some killer breakfast. Not only does Toast on Market serve breakfast every day, but they serve it all the way until closing time at 2pm! We don’t need no stinkin’ lunch!

Anyway, let’s talk food. I’m obsessed with the lemon souffle ricotta pancakes topped with blueberry compote and creamy vanilla custard, and the ciabatta bun egg sandwhich topped with applewood smoked bacon, gorgonzola, and crisp Frisee (there’s a leaf on it, so it’s healthy!) And my vegan bestie loves their tofu scramble.

Also, if your order doesn’t come with hashbrown casserole, order a side dish and thank me later.

Wake up with a Derby City Cold Brew, made with Benchmark Bourbon, creme de cacao, maple syrup, half & half, and whipped cream.

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Chicken and Waffles from Four Pegs in Louisville Kentucky
The Chicken and Waffles from Four Pegs in Germantown comes with with a sweet bourbon barrel Kentucky Beer Syrup™ sauce. Mmmm!

Four Pegs

Four Pegs in Germantown is one of our favorite gastropubs in Louisville, and they also offer up a delicious weekend brunch!

Try the Chicken on a Biscuit, made with a cheddar biscuit topped with fried chicken, cheddar cheese, fried egg and a honey and hot sauce drizzle. Or the Chicken and Waffles, served on a dutch-style waffle with a sweet bourbon barrel Kentucky Beer Syrup™ sauce. Are we allowed to say it’s finger lickin’ good, or will we get sued? I’m not sure, but it’s really good.

Oh, and of course – drinks! Wake up with a Good Morning Beautiful (aww, thanks!) made with Maker’s Mark 46 (that good-good), St. Elizabeth’s allspice dram, cold brew coffee, sweetened condensed milk, and smoked cinnamon bitters.

Or stick with a Bloody Mary topped with a smoked chicken wing, pork belly burnt ends, and Pegs Pickles. I love when Bloody Maries are their own meal, don’t you?

  • Four Pegs | Address: 1053 Goss Avenue, Louisville, KY

Highland Morning

This unnassuming little restaurant on Bardstown road is home to some of the best brunch in town, but if you didn’t know it, you might pass it right by!

Step inside and try a Crab Cake Benedict or a Highlands Hot Brown.

Or transport yourself with a stack of buttermilk Key Lime Pancakes filled with vanilla custard and graham cracker crust and topped with key lime compote, vanilla lime yogurt and whipped cream. Not interested in visiting Key West? Head to New Orleans with the French Quarter French Toast made from brown sugar cinnamon swirl raisin bread and topped with caramelized bananas and strawberries.

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Dish of Chilaquiles topped with sliced avocado
You can get Chilaquiles for brunch at Con Huevos on Frankfort Ave!

Brunch with a Twist

What’s brunch with a twist, you ask? Well, we’re loosely defining it as “anything other than a standard American brunch.”

So throw your basic brunch expectations out the window and head to these not-so-typical brunch spots:

Con Huevos

You’ll find the best Mexican brunch in Louisville at Con Huevos. My California-born Mexican husband, who was raised surrounded by a never-ending supply of extremely good authentic Mexican food, was skeptical – but Con Huevos nails it.

Their Mexican brunch selection is unique in Louisville. At Con Huevos you’ll find delicious Mexican breakfast staples ranging from chilaquiles to huevos rancheros. My personal favorite is the chipotle poached huevos served with homemade buttermilk biscuits, 2 poached eggs, chorizo, chipotle gravy, avocado, and side of fresh fruit. ¡Ay, qué rico!

There are three locations in Louisville, but if you’re headed to the original on Frankfort Avenue, be sure to arrive early – it fills up quickly!


Ever been to a Drag show? How about a Drag brunch? Drag brunch combines two of the best things ever into one extremely fun (and deeply filling) experience!

By night, you may know Le Moo as one of Louisville’s best and most luxurious steakhouses. But on Sundays, things get a little less fancy-fine-dining and a little more mimosas-and-ridiculousness.

Enjoy the delicious food of Le Moo’s decadent brunch buffet-style while a rotating cast of fabulous Queens keeps you laughing. Just be sure to make reservations well in advance, and bring cash to tip the performers!

  •  Le Moo | Address: 2300 Lexington Rd, Louisville, KY


Located in the Hotel Genevieve in NuLu, Rosettes is inspired by “al fresco Parisian cafés” and has a soothing pastel color palette and modern Art Deco touches. The food here follows the Parisian theme, and a lot of the more common brunch menu items have a French twist!

If eggs are your thing, try the Omelette Provencale with Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Goat Cheese, Spinach,
Olives, and Garlic Herb Potatoes or the Eggs in Purgatory with Poached Eggs in Spicy Tomato and
Bell Pepper Sauce, and Toasted Bread.

If you are into a basic breakfast, they have plenty of options a la carte, or do The Genevieve with Two Eggs Your Way, Ham or Bacon, Crispy Potatoes, and a Biscuit.

For something more unique and high in protein, try the Salmon Tartine with Beet Cured Salmon, Scallion Dill Cream Cheese, Radish, Cucumber, and Shallots.

This is a great spot for something a little outside the norm and a great place to bring friends!

  • Rosettes | Address: 730 East Market Street, Louisville, KY (NuLu)
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From the great mind of Chef Edward Lee we have his newest endeavor, Nami, which features Korean cuisine with a modern take.

Saturdays and Sundays Nami features a Dim Sum style brunch. While the menu changes weekly, some of the past menu items have included crispy chicken potstickers, five spice duck spring rolls, Korean fried chicken, and a Kimchi bimbibap ball.

While this is not your traditional brunch in any sense of the word, you can expect expertly crafted flavors for any unforgettable brunch!

  • Nami | Address: 835 E. Main Louisville, KY STE 106 (NuLu)
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Selena’s Restaurant

Selena’s Restaurant at Willow Lake Tavern in Anchorage offers a Creole take on brunch! Let’s hop on a steamboat and head down the Ohio, or Mississippi, or one of those rivers, to Nawlins, y’all! (Lucky for us, no geographical knowledge is required for this imaginary trip.)

Start with a Beignet, because this is a Creole place and you should take full advantage. Or share a Praline Brie: creamy Danish brie smothered with sweet pecan sauce and served with sliced apple, grapes, and French bread.

The menu offers up a mix of classics (eggs benny, chicken and waffles, french toast) and more unusual items, like Eggs Sardou or a Creole Omelette.

And of course, don’t forget dessert: try the Bananas Foster or the Creole bread pudding served with warm Bourbon brandy sauce. You’ll feel like you’ve spent the morning in the French Quarter!

Their back patio is also beautiful, with a lovely flowing waterfall and koi pond surrounded by trees.

Raven Irish Pub

Pretend I’m writing this with an Irish accent. OK, ready?

Welcome to The Raven Irish Pub, a little patch o’Ireland right here in Louisville. Their weekend brunch menu features delicacies from the other side of the pond, so you’ll be doin’ an Irish jig in no time. (OK, forget the accent. Turns out writing in an accent is actually weirdly hard.)

Anyway, lean into the Irish thing and order a Full Irish breakfast: two eggs with bangers, rashers, black and white pudding, grilled tomato, baked beans, fried red potatoes and your choice of toast or muffin. It’ll definitely fill you up after a long day of … uh… potato farming, going to church, and overthrowing British colonial rule? Can you tell I’m not Irish? I feel like I’m really pulling this off.

Before you leave Ireland and head back to Kentucky be sure to stock up on Irish treats and imported goods in the shop!

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Bloody Mary at Butchertown Grocery in Louisville Kentucky
The ridiculously good Bloody Mary at Butchertown Grocery in Louisville Kentucky. Sadly, Butchertown Grocery is currently temporarily closed, but you’ll find us there the minute they re-open!

I’m Really Just Brunching to Drink

Listen. Everyone knows that brunch is just an excuse to drink before noon. We get it. And we’re not here to judge. If anything, we’re here to enable you (to drink responsibly, have fun, and not drive until you’re sober!).

So grab your thirstiest friends and head to these brunch spots that serve up great brunch food alongside fantastic drinks.

The Silver Dollar

The Silver Dollar, located in Clifton on Frankfort Avenue, is described as “a re-imaging of a 1950s Bakersfield, California honky tonk,” which is right up our alley since my husband was born in Bakersfield and totally gets the whole Bakersfield-is-the-South-of-California thing. Fun related fact: my California surfer husband had a fabulous curly blonde mullet as a child!

Anyway, now you can visit Southern/Central California right here in Louisville! So grab a copy of the Grapes of Wrath – for historical context – and head to the Silver Dollar for Biscuits and Gravy, churro french toast, huevos rancheros and chilaquiles.

But we all know you’re really just here to drink, and luckily, Silver Dollar also has a huge selection of bourbon, whiskey and – true to California form – tequila and mexcal! Wake up with a single-barrel bourbon flight if you’re extremely fancy, or just stick to cocktails like a regular person; we happen to know they make an excellent Mint Julep served in a real Mint Julep cup!

The Cafe

One word: Hot Brown Bloody Mary. Er, four words. One phrase? Anyway, that’s not the point. The point is that this delicious Bloody Mary is topped with a sliced tomato, pepper-jack cheese, and peppered bacon, and that’s what matters.

Pair it with The Stephen Foster aka “The Sun Shines Bright on My Aged Kentucky Ham” (we love a good Kentucky pun!) , a Hot-Brown-esque open faced sandwich made with Kentucky country ham, Swiss cheese and Dijon mustard smothered with Mornay sauce and topped with two sunny-side-up eggs, fresh spinach and fresh diced tomato.

If you’re not the Bloody Mary and Kentucky-pun-sandwich type, don’t worry – there’s a long list of other delicious cocktails and breakfast specialties to titillate your morning.

Some of y’all may remember The Cafe back in its original home at The Louisville Antique Mall on Goss Avenue in Germantown, but these days it’s moved to Paristown Pointe on Brent Street!

  • The Cafe | Address: 711 Brent Street, Louisville, KY
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The Hub

The Hub has a wide variety of delicious drinks. There’s the Tipsy Unicorn, made with whipped cream vodka, almond milk, orange liquer, and rainbow sprinkles, or the breakfast-appropriate Chai Espresso Martini.

Which is great and all. But during weekend brunch, they also have $2 Mimosas.

Yes y’all: forget everything you’ve heard about inflation and cost-of-living increases and go back in time to whenever the last time was that you saw a $2 mimosa on the menu. The dream of the 90’s is alive in The Hub!

Pair your shameless mimosa-a-thon with a Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit, or if you want to pretend that you’re being healthy (after all, mimosas are half orange juice, right??) get an Avocado Toast. Because with $2 mimosas, you can order Avo Toast and still afford to pay rent! Dreams do come true, y’all!

  • The Hub | Address: 2235 Frankfort Avenue, Louisville, KY
Brunch from gralehaus in Louisville Kentucky
Fluffy grits for brunch at gralehaus in Louisville!

Boujie Brunch

I have to confess: I’m a big ol’ food snob. I LOVE a boujie restaurant. I LOVE not recognizing half of the ingredients on the menu and being served a cocktail made with fancy sounding words I can’t pronounce.

So round up your most pretentious friends (kidding, love y’all) and get dolled up, because these restaurants are serving up the most fabulous brunches in town!

Proof on Main

Proof on Main, the unique restaurant in Louisville’s famous 21C Museum Hotel, is every bit as quirky as its hotel home.

Redecorated regularly with its own series of installations, the restaurant is a museum in its own right. Oh, and the food is magnificent.

Proof is an excellent place for brunch, lunch, and dinner in Louisville, but we’re here to talk about brunch. Start your day off properly with a French Toast Casserole made with apple butter, whipped cream, and fresh hazelnuts, or a Cast Iron Dutch Pancake with blackberry maple preserves, cultured butter, and cocoa nibs.

And of course, drinks: we recommend the Relancer, made with dolin blanc (no idea, don’t care), apricot liquoer, lemon, thyme, and “bubbles.” It’s delish.

And what is the restaurant decorated like now? I guess you’ll have to visit Proof on Main and find out…

  • Proof on Main | Address: 702 W. Main St, Louisville, KY (Downtown)
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Part bar, part cafe, part restaurant, part Bed & Breakfast (Really? Oh yes!), GraleHaus does a lot of different things. And one of the best things is brunch!

Brunch highlights include the oyster mushroom crepe, duck hash, and ground lamb with grits.

In addition to delicious brunch food, they serve just about every type of beverage you could want. Kombucha, cold brew, beer, mimosas, etc. are all able to order. They even have unique coffee drinks like Sorghum Cortado or a Lucky Charms Latte. In fact, we think they’re one of the best coffee shops in Louisville!

  • GraleHaus: Address: 1001 Baxter Avenue, Louisville, KY (The Highlands)

The House of Marigold

The House of Marigold does brunch well because breakfast + lunch (brunch) is all they do! They pride themselves in sourcing ingredients locally and it really shows in the high quality of their food.

The restaurant itself is bright with pastel accents in pinks, greens and yellows and lots of modern charm. It really feels like the restaurant version of a field of wildflowers, if that makes sense!

To start off, get some Fresh Baked Honey Cornbread for the table with Sorghum Whipped Butter and Local Honey. It’s sweet, decadent, and feels like the kind of treat you should get at brunch!

The House of Marigold has all your brunch faves you expect, just done even nicer and plated beautifully. You cannot go wrong with classics like the Marigold Biscuits and Sausage Gravy, Challah French Toast, or the Chicken & Waffles.

You can spice up your meal too with the Hot Honey Fried Chicken Biscuit with a Hand Breaded Chicken Tender, Marigold Biscuit, Hot Honey, Quick Pickles, Breakfast Potatoes.

Also check out their rotating menu of hand crafted cocktails, which come in a variety of floral falvors!

Hot Brown in Louisville Kentucky
Is a Hot Brown the perfect brunch food? We think so! Lots of our favorite places for brunch in Louisville offer one (or their own version of it) on their menu, so make sure to try Louisville’s most famous dish!

Louisville Brunch Honorable Mentions

Louisville has a LOT of brunch options, y’all! Here are a few more fantastic brunch restaurants that deserve a shout-out:

  • Napa River Grill’s Sunday Brunch Buffet: Ahhh, we love a good brunch buffet. Perfect for both Father’s Day and wake n bake very hungry mornings. Stuff yourself with the Hot Brown Casserole, and save room for the salmon, the quiche, and a made to order omelette.
  • Wild Eggs: Since its first location opened in Louisville in 2007, Wild Eggs has expanded to 4 Louisville locations – and a few more in Indiana and Ohio! We love seeing a locally owned Louisville brand making it big. They’ve got a huge menu of breakfast and brunch favorites with something for everyone in the family.
  • Cafe Classico: This charming European-style cafe on Frankfort avenue serves a small but unusual menu of Catalan and Spanish brunch on Sundays. Try the Spanish toast with olive oil, tomato rub and melted manchego topped with slices of Jamón Iberico and escape to Barcelona for a few hours!
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Are you ready to grab your friends and get brunch in Louisville this weekend (or any day, we don’t judge)? Which of these Louisville brunch restaurants is your favorite? Drop us a comment below!

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The best places to get brunch in Louisville, for when you're craving a Hot Brown, French Toast and some biscuits & gravy.
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