Louisville, Kentucky is no stranger to some good eats, and with the scene constantly evolving, restaurants changing menus to stay farm-fresh and updating their decor, you can be sure you are gonna find some incredible dining options. I've eaten up and down and all around this town, and have compiled a list of diverse dining options that I think represent the best places to eat in Louisville!

The 45 Best Places to Eat in Louisville, Kentucky by Neighborhood

Louisville is a foodie city – and y’all, we have one of the BEST culinary scenes in the country. We’ve eaten up and down and all around this town, and have compiled a list of diverse dining options that represent the best places to eat in Louisville!

I have a feeling you’re hungry… so let’s dive into the best places to eat in Louisville!

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Brunch dish of eggs, pork belly and grits at Gralehaus in Louisville, Kentucky
Gralehaus always serves up some ridiculously good Brunch!

Best Places to Eat in Louisville, Kentucky

Okay, so Louisville is big, as ya’ll know!

For helpfulness’ sake, we have categorized these places to eat in Louisville by neighborhood and separated them by meal type, and there is also a map at the bottom of the page to help you figure out where everything is.

While we didn’t include dessert and coffee, we do have our own dessert, ice cream, and coffee guides, because those are totally part of any meal, right?

I can feel you’re getting hangry, so here are 45 places to eat in Louisville:

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Tacos from Taco City Louisville ky
Decadent tacos from Taco City Louisville!

Where to Eat in the Highlands

The Highlands neighborhood is the biggest foodie hub in Louisville, with restaurants dotting all along Bardstown Road.

It was hard to narrow it down, but here are some of the best places to eat in Louisville in the Highlands:

Brunch in the Highlands

  • GraleHaus – Located in an old home built in the 1900s, GraleHaus has an eccentric, old-world ambiance, a wonderful outdoor space, and one of the best brunches! Brunch highlights include the ugly fritatta, schroom n’ grits, and the smoked trout board. In addition to delicious brunch food, they serve just about every type of beverage you could want, like a Sorghum Latte or an Iced Jasmine Americano. In fact, we think they’re one of the best coffee shops in Louisville!
  • Highland Morning – This unassuming little restaurant on Bardstown Road is home to some of the best brunch in town, but if you didn’t know it, you might pass it right by! Step inside and try a Crab Cake Benedict or a Highlands Hot Brown, or head to New Orleans with the French Quarter French Toast made from brown sugar cinnamon swirl raisin bread and topped with caramelized bananas and strawberries.

Psst: Eat your way through the best restaurants in the Highlands on a Historic Highlands Tastes & Tales walking food tour! As you walk along some of Louisville’s oldest and most iconic streets, you’ll taste local specialties; sip bourbon in Louisville’s oldest bar, taste how immigrants and refugees have shaped Louisville; visit the final resting place of Muhammad Ali and Colonel Sanders; try a dish inspired by the Hot Brown at Muhammed Ali’s former boxing gym; and admire the opulent architecture of Louisville’s beautiful Victorian homes. Use the code LGL10 for 10% off your booking.

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Coco Caliente roll , green acres roll, and avacado tempura roll from from dragon king's daughter in louisville ky
The Coco Caliente roll and Green Acres roll from Dragon King’s Daughter gives you some spicy magic.

Lunch in the Highlands

  • Dragon King’s Daughter – If sushi is a way of life, DKD is its mecca. The food here is inventive, beautiful, and tasty, like the absolutely fabulous Patsy Stone Roll with Kanikama, cucumber, & avocado inside with red tuna, escolar, & salmon outside or the tempura-fried Indulgent, with spicy crab, cream cheese, & avocado inside. You won’t be mad if you grab some Pork Steamed Buns too.
  • Taco City Louisville – It doesn’t have to be Tuesday to crave tacos here, like their mole braised chicken tacos or their Baja fish taco. Their chips & guac? Perfection. Also their margs are strong, so grab a mango one and chill out, dude.
  • The Fat Lamb – The Fat Lamb is some serious next-level food, with items like the chili & turmeric roasted cauliflower as an appetizer, or their ricotta gnocchi & lamb ragu with its housemade ricotta dumplings and slow-cooked lamb. They also have stellar bourbons on the menu, like Pappy Van Winkle, if you’re that kind of person.
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The brussel sprout salad from LouVino cannot be slept on!

Dinner in the Highlands

  • Jack Fry’s – Jack Fry’s on Bardstown Rd is swanky, dark, and intimate, and has some of the best steaks in Louisville. Get the Beef Filet with asparagus, crisp fingerling potatoes topped with sage beurre blanc, Parmigiano-Reggiano, and crispy prosciutto (it’s so savory and salty). They also have some of the best shrimp & grits we’ve ever had, and a fantastic burger.
  • LouVino – Louvino in the Highlands has a huge wine selection, as you surmised from their name, and shareable plates like the brussel sprout salad with warm Brussels sprouts, cilantro lime vinaigrette, pickled cherry peppers, and roasted corn. They’re truly the best brussel sprout I’ve had in town! For an entree try the Short Rib Filled Pfannakuken (pancake) or the Faroe Island Salmon.
  • Sapporo Grill & Sushi – Sapporo in the Highlands has been my go-to for a fancy dinner with my husband for ages. The hibachi with steak & chicken includes a house salad & chicken broth soup served w/ fried rice & sautéed vegetables and comes with so much food you’ll be eating it the next day. As far as sushi goes, the deep-fried flaming lips roll with spicy crawfish, cream cheese, scallion, masago & jalapeno inside is last-meal good.
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Local Travel Tip: The best way to taste the best food in Louisville is on a food and history walking tour with Louisville Food Tours! Explore the story of Louisville and Kentucky while tasting culinary classics like bourbon balls, biscuits, fried chicken, and - of course - bourbon! You can book a tour with Louisville Food Tours and use the code LGL10 for 10% off your booking..
food from the silver dollar in clifton louisville
The Silver Dollar serves up some Bakersfield Honky Tonk vibes with southern cooking! (Photo Credit: Grill Momma)

Where to Eat in Clifton

The Clifton neighborhood is another little food pocket in Louisville, with Frankfort Avenue being home to some particularly delicious places to eat in Louisville. Some of our favorites are:

Brunch in Clifton

  • Con Huevos – Con Huevos is truly the apple, er, egg of my eye. This place has a huge following and it’s easy to see why – it has a boatload of Mexican breakfast staples ranging from chilaquiles to huevos rancheros consistently perfectly made. My personal fav is the Chipotle Poaches Huevos, two eggs on biscuits with chipotle gravy and chorizo. Don’t sleep on this place – seriously– get here early if you can for a table.
  • Le Moo – Are you in need of brunch and a show? Well, keep the mimosas flowing, hit up the Le Moo brunch buffet, and get ready to see a rotating cast of fabulous Drag Queens dancing, shablaming, and entertaining you thoroughly! Just make sure to make reservations well in advance and bring cash to tip the Queens, okurr!
  • The Hub – The Hub on Frankfort avenue is poppin’ on the weekends, part of the reason may be their $2 mimosas. Yes, you read that right. Pair your shameless mimosa-a-thon with a Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit, or if you want to pretend that you’re being healthy get an Avocado Toast. Because with $2 mimosas, you can order Avo Toast and still afford to pay rent! Dreams do come true, y’all.
  • The Silver Dollar – This “1950s Bakersfield, California honky tonk”-themed restaurant is the place to get some southern/central California cookin’! So grab a copy of the Grapes of Wrath – for historical context – and head to the Silver Dollar for Biscuits and Gravy, churro french toast, huevos rancheros and chilaquiles.
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Lunch in Clifton

  • The Grape Leaf – Grab some fresh Mediterranean food and sit on their shaded outside patio surrounded by wisteria and grapevines! Get some fresh, authentic Hummus and Grape Leaves (of course), and dig into the cauliflower shawarma wrap or balsamic portabella chicken with a sweet and sweet and healthy pomegranate balsamic glaze.
  • Red Hog – If you are pining for a seriously stellar burger, Red Hog is Louisville’s first craft butcher shop and they know burgers and sandwiches. Try their Best Damn Cuban sandwich, with pulled pork, ham, pepper jack, pickles, cilantro, mayo, and mustard. They also serve delicious burgers for both lunch and dinner!
SOUTHERN CHARCUTERIE BOARD, pork belly, and wedge salad from fork & barrel in clifton louisville ky
The Southern charcuterie board, pork belly, and wedge salad from Fork & Barrel.

Dinner in Clifton

  • Fork & Barrel – Located on Frankfort Ave, Fork & Barrel brings the good eats and the bourbon. Try the where the buffalo roam cocktail, with, you guessed it, Buffalo Trace bourbon paired with Aperol and honey in this delightfully sweet treat. You must try the Southern charcuterie board with house-made sharp pimento cheese, local country ham, pickled onions and bread, and the Vegetarian Ravioli with house-made caramelized leek & ricotta ravioli, roasted spaghetti squash, brown butter, and romanesco sauce is creamy perfection.
  • Enso – Enso “interlinks Japanese and Southern culture to create thoughtful and authentic dishes”, and boy, do they do it well! Try the Chili She-Crab Noodles, which are super savory and feature ramen noodles, uni cream, chili crab, fried shallot, pickled apple, kewpie, and scallion. We also love the KY BBQ Lamb Skewers and try the Subbed Over Dubbed to drink.
  • Cafe Classico – This charming European-style cafe on Frankfort avenue serves some really stellar food, like some of the best English fish and chips in town (their fries are to die for), or the steak frittes if you need some more meat. They also have gelato and espresso, so please get an affogato for me because the thought of espresso and gelato together makes me want to cry happy tears.
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Chicken and Waffles from Four Pegs in Louisville Kentucky
Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the butter side. I’m sorry, that was a wawful joke. But go to Four Pegs anyway!

Where to Eat in Germantown

Germantown is truly a melting pot of different tastes and styles, perfect to try something new or get an old staple. Some of our favorite places to eat in Louisville in Germantown are:

Brunch in Germantown

  • Four Pegs – Four Pegs is one of our favorite gastropubs in Louisville, and they also offer up a delicious weekend brunch! Try the Chicken on a Biscuit or the Chicken and Waffles, served on a dutch-style waffle with a sweet bourbon barrel Kentucky Beer Syrup™ sauce. Can we say it’s finger-lickin’ good, or will we get sued? I’m not sure, but it’s really good.
  • North of Bourbon – North of Bourbon not only has the most Louisville name for a restaurant even, you can actually EAT IN A GIANT BOUBON BARREL. You read that correctly. Brunch-wise, they have bloody mary oyster shooters, beignets, and buttermilk fried rabbit. Yes, you read that correctly too!
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Lunch in Germantown

  • The Post – So you’re kind of a pizza fiend, eh? Located in an old VFW Post, The Post has plenty of unique pizza options like their The Lone Wolf, a carnivore’s dream with bacon, sweet ham, sausage, and pepperoni, with onion, peppers, and kalamata olives. You can also just get pizza by the slice, like I usually do, like a huge slice of pepperoni and a cold and crispy Cesar salad. And you can’t beat their strong drinks!
burger from hammerheads louisville ky
Burger from Hammerheads in Germantown, one of the best burgers in Louisville! (Photo Credit: @louisvillefoodlife)

Dinner in Germantown

  • Hammerheads – Hammerheads is one of the favorite BBQ spots in the city, and upon your first trip to Hammerheads, you might be thinking “Am I eating in a basement?” And the answer would be – yeah, kinda. Either way, you can’t go wrong with their pulled pork or beef brisket, both on a potato bun, or if you’re feeling more adventurous go for the venison or elk burgers, or the roasted duck. Just be sure to arrive early as they can get busy with waits regularly over an hour for a table.
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Biscuit Sandwichfrom Biscuit Belly in NuLu, Louisville Kentucky
Biscuit Sandwich from Biscuit Belly in NuLu. Is your mouth watering yet?

Where to Eat in Nulu

The NuLu Neighborhood is hip and trendy, with you guessed it, some hip and trendy food. But that doesn’t mean it’s all pretentious – well, not all of it!

Try some of these amazing places to eat in NuLu:

Brunch in NuLu

  • Biscuit Belly – Is there anything that says Southern Brunch like a delicious, fluffy buttermilk biscuit?! No. There is not. We have yet to dislike a single thing we’ve tried, but our favorite the Mama’s Boy pairs buttermilk chicken with roasted jalapenos, pimento cheese, crunchy pickles, and a fried green tomato. Though this is a quick-service restaurant, it gets packed on the weekends, so arrive early!
  • Wild Eggs – Wild Eggs has expanded to 4 Louisville locations, but you can’t beat the cozy Downtown/NuLu location. They’ve got a huge menu of breakfast and brunch favorites, including plenty of egg dishes! The Chicken or the Egg? Salad is a super huge, crispy green salad with a heaping portion of chicken or egg salad, or both, and of course, you can never go wrong with an Eggs Bennie.
Pork Cakes from Feast BBQ in NuLu Louisville Kentucky
Feast your eyes on those pork cakes from Feast BBQ! Do you see them?! Huh?!

Lunch in NuLu

  • Feast BBQ – At Feast, you can get your BBQ fix by the pound, on a plate, or on a sandwich, and you get to pick the sauce! The beef brisket and the pulled pork are divine, and don’t sleep on their pork cake, which is like a crab cake but made of pork served with sorghum syrup
  • Royal’s Hot Chicken – A big step up from KFC, Royal’s Hot Chicken gives your that fried chicken fix. Get tenders or sandwiches, with lots of sauces to choose from. OH! And they have alcoholic slushies, like the frozen Kentucky bourbon coffee.
general tso's cauliflower and elote from naive in butchertowjn louisville ky
General Tso’s Cauliflower and elote from Naive.

Dinner in NuLu

  • Nami – Nami is Chef Edward Lee’s newest creation, and has been getting a lot of national press – for good reason. Here you can find “modern Korean cuisine” with a Kentucky twist. We recommend the chili shrimp mandu – but all the dumplings are really good. To drink, try the burn the memory which is so surprising – bourbon and togarashi (seven chile spice) work well together surprisingly! (Psst: you’ll experience this amazing restaurant on the Beyond the Barrel Bourbon Food Tour – and you might just have a chance to meet Chef Lee himself! Use the code LGL10 for 10% off your food tour booking.)
  • bar Vetti – bar Vetti offers homemade modern Italian takes, like the orecchiette pasta, which is made with Jake’s sausage – the best sausage in Kentucky – which Is made out of a gas station outside in Bardstown and its f*cking delicious. Also they always have a seasonal salad and its always the best salad I’ve ever had, so don’t skip your greens!
  • Mayan Cafe – Mayan Cafe has been making bellies happy for 20+ years, and offers an intimate dining experience centered on Mayan cuisine crafted with locally sourced, sustainably farmed, and seasonal ingredients. Their carefully curated menu features dishes like fresh ceviche and Cochinita Pibil, made with local pork, achiote sauce, and their famous lima beans and rice – anyone that has had them will tell you that the lima beans are roasted to perfection :chefs kiss:. While enjoying an upscale dinner at the Mayan Cafe you’re gonna want to get a drink – we recommend the blood orange margarita, which is divine.
  • Naive Kitchen + Bar – Located right where NuLu meets Butchertown, Naive is founded on the ideals of connecting to what’s real, which starts with our relationship with the food we eat. Their menu contains healthy, locally-sourced ingredients from local, sustainable farms. My go-to’s? Always the General Tso’s Cauliflower (might be craving some veggies after hanging in Butchertown long enough) and their Beet Margarita – just try it! 
Clock and Street View in Downtown Louisville Kentucky

Where to Eat Downtown

The places to eat Downtown (and Downtown adjacent) are a good combination of fancy, eclectic, and down-to-earth, so whether you want to eat at a community non-profit or in a museum we have you covered!

Some of the best places places to eat in Louisville downtown are:

Benedictine Sandwich from The Cafe in Louisville Kentucky
Benedictine Sandwich from The Cafe in Louisville Kentucky

Brunch Downtown

  • The Cafe – One word: Hot Brown Bloody Mary. Er, four words. One phrase? Anyway, that’s not the point. The point is that this delicious Bloody Mary is topped with a sliced tomato, pepper-jack cheese, and peppered bacon, and that’s what matters. Pair it with The Stephen Foster aka “The Sun Shines Bright on My Aged Kentucky Ham” (we love a good Kentucky pun!) , a Hot-Brown-esque open faced sandwich made with Kentucky country ham, Swiss cheese and Dijon mustard smothered with Mornay sauce and topped with two sunny-side-up eggs, fresh spinach and fresh diced tomato. They also serve a Benedictine Sandwich, which is a Kentucky invention!
  • Wagner’s Pharmacy – Breakfast? At a pharmacy? Located by Churchill Downs, this small diner from 1922 features your standard breakfast greasy spoon fare – breakfast sandwiches, biscuits and gravy, the works. But what’s special about it is the clientele – it’s where horsemen come to talk about the races, and where you can sometimes spot celebrities during Derby time. Wagner’s has even been featured in the movies Elizabethtown and Secretariat!
Burger from Mussel and Burger bar in Louisville KY
Hope your mouth is big, because Mussel and Burger Bar has some big ole’ burgers! (Photo Credit: Mussel and Burger Bar)

Lunch Downtown

  • Mussel and Burger Bar – When nothing will do but a burger, head to Mussel and Burger Bar’s gorgeous industrial-chic space with floor-to-ceiling golden velvet curtains and exposed brick walls. Try the Argentinian burger that’s topped with thick-cut provolone cheese, caramelized onions, chorizo Argentino, chimichurri sauce, housed mixed greens, and oven-roasted tomatoes. They have mussels too – like the Moules Basquaise with Spanish chorizo, olive oil, seafood sofrito broth, piquillo peppers, mild chili flakes, garlic and onions.
  • The Table Cafe – The Table Cafe in Portland is a non-profit cafe that uses a pay-what-you-can model, ensuring that farm-fresh, delicious food is available to all. You can pay also with your time, the suggested meal price, and even pay-it-forward for someone else. They specialize in soups, salads, and sandwiches, like a meatloaf sandwich and the strawberry asparagus salad. Whatever you choose, you know you are getting fresh food and supporting community building!
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Dinner Downtown

  • Proof on Main – This unique restaurant in Louisville’s famous 21C Museum Hotel, has a menu just as colorful and artistic as the gallery it resides in. You can find such delicacies on this fresh, local rotating menu like the Prince Edward Island clams & mussels, Heritage Farm smoked half chicken, or the Woodland Farm pork chop. And what is the restaurant decorated like now? I guess you’ll have to visit Proof on Main and find out…
  • Swizzle – Located at the top of the historic Galt House, this rotating restaurant has the best views of downtown Louisville and the Ohio River that you’ll find anywhere downtown. And the food is just as phenomenal! Steak, seafood, smoked Old Fashioneds – you really can’t go wrong with this menu. The ambiance is romantic AF, too! (Psst: You’ll get to experience Swizzle on the Prohibition Cocktail & Bites Tour with Louisville Food Tours! Use the code LGL10 for 10% off your booking.)
The Praline Brie from Selena's Tavern with a cosmopolitan (Photo credit: @louisvillefoodie__
The Praline Brie from Selena’s Tavern with a cosmopolitan (Photo credit: @louisvillefoodie_)

Where to Eat Everywhere Else

Below are the trouble makers that defy boundaries, at least in terms of space, and are outside the neighborhoods mentioned above! Venture outside the box for some of the best places to eat in Louisville:

Brunch Everywhere Else

  • Selena’s Restaurant at Willow Lake Tavern – Selena’s Restaurant in Anchorage offers a Creole take on brunch! Start with a Beignet, because this is a Creole place and you should take full advantage. The menu offers up a mix of classics (eggs benny, chicken and waffles, french toast) and more unusual items, like Eggs Sardou or a Creole Omelette. Their back patio is also beautiful, with a lovely flowing waterfall and koi pond surrounded by trees.
  • The Raven Irish Pub – Located in St. Matthews, at the Raven you can lean into the Irish thing and order a Full Irish breakfast – two eggs with bangers, rashers, black and white pudding, grilled tomato, baked beans, fried red potatoes and your choice of toast or muffin. It’ll definitely fill you up after a long day of … uh… potato farming, going to church, and overthrowing British colonial rule? Can you tell I’m not Irish?
masala dosa and spicy hakka noodles from Shreeji Indian Vegetarian Street Food louisville ky
Hungry? How about getting a dosa as big as your head? (Photo Credit: @louisvilleveganfoodie)

Lunch Everywhere Else

  • Captain’s Quarters – Venture out to scenic Prospect to the even more scenic Captain’s Quarters, where their sprawling decks are the perfect place to eat and gaze at the Ohio River. Dig into some fresh seafood, like the Espresso BBQ Shrimp & Grits or their Guinness Beer-Battered Fish Tacos. Reservations are always a good idea at the popular spot!
  • Shreeji Indian Vegetarian Street Food – Located on Hurstbourne Lane, Shreeji offers authentic Indian street food that is as flavorful as it is colorful. If you’re new to Indiana Street Food, try the Pav Bahji, which are boiled, spiced mashed potatoes & vegetables served with toasted rolls, and the Vegi-Samosa which are crisped deep-fried turnovers filled with spiced potato & peas with a minty and sweet sauce.
The VK8 Veggie Sate Noodles from Vietnam Kitchen Louisville
The VK8 Veggie Sate Noodles from Vietnam Kitchen will clear your sinuses and change your life!

Dinner Everywhere Else

  • 610 Magnolia – Located in the historic and gorgeous Old Louisville, Chef Edward Lee pulls out all the stops for a true gastronomic experience. 610 Magnolia is a modern approach to the Southern Table, and during your 4-6 course meal of whatever is in season, you may get plates like tempura-fried okra or Chawanmuski with fried oysters. Whatever it is, you know it’s going to be excellent and an experience to remember.
  • Vietnam Kitchen – VK is located in Iroquois next to a laundromat, so you know it’s the real deal. Get the K8, AKA the sate noodle soup with rice noodles with lemongrass, bean sprout, and broccoli in saté broth. Or get the E6, the beef & green beans in a hot and spicy sauce. Get the steamed pork and shrimp dumplings to start. This is one of my favorite places to eat in Louisville so don’t sleep on this place!
  • Simply Thai – Located in St. Matthews is Simply Thai, probably the most popular Thai restaurant in Louisville. I am an absolute wh*re for Thai food, and there are some dishes here simply too good to miss. The Tom Kha soup has a creamy coconut milk broth with fresh squeezed lime juice, lemongrass, galangal, mushrooms and cilantro, with your choice of meat. This is my favorite soup ever. Order the Pad See Iew which has wide rice noodles, broccoli, and egg in a sweet soy sauce with your choice of meat, and is better than the Pad Thai I think!
Hot Brown in Louisville Kentucky
Hot Brown from the Brown Hotel, the birthplace of this famous Louisville dish!

Bonus: Where to Try Famous Louisville Foods

Most people have heard of the Hot Brown and Derby Pie, but did you know we are also known for Benedictine spread and burgoo, among other delicious delicacies? It’s true! We’ve got an entire guide to the most famous foods in Louisville.

Here are some places to eat in Louisville where you can find these famous Louisville (and Kentucky) foods:

  • The Hot Brown – The Hot Brown is a baked open-face sandwich with turkey, tomato, bacon, and Moray sauce made famous in 1926 by the chef at the Brown Hotel. You can still get them to this day at the Brown Hotel, just make sure you dress nicely as there is a dress code.
  • Derby Pie™ – This trademarked pecan and chocolate pie can be found all over Louisville, just not under “Derby Pie”. While you can find the trademarked version in the frozen food section of most grocery stores, try the “Pecan Pie with Chocolate” :wink wink: at Homemade Ice Cream & Pie Kitchen.
  • Benedictine Spread – Known as a staple of High Tea, Benedictine spread, a mix of cucumber and cream cheese, has its origin here in good ole Kentucky. Try it at The Cafe on the Queen Anne sandwich with bacon, lettuce, and slices of cucumber.
  • Burgoo – While its exact origins are unknown, Kentucky claims this dish, which may have been originally made with squirrel. Since times aren’t that tough, you can try it at Against the Grain Smokehouse with pork and turkey instead.
  • Pulled Pork – We invited this famous American dish, you’re welcome, and you should definitely try some at Feast BBQ.
  • Weisenberger Grits – These special grits have been made at the Weisenberger Mill in Midway, KY since 1865. Try them in their Shrimp & Grits at Jack Fry’s.
  • Beer Cheese – Beer+cheese= beer cheese. It’s simple addition. Try some of the best beer cheese in town at Four Pegs Smokehouse & Bar.
  • Bourbon Balls – Chocolate and bourbon is a failsafe way to get a little buzz and feel like a true Kentuckian. Taste the classic version with pecans at Muth’s Candy in NuLu, or try the nut-free Bourbon Truffles at Art Eatables.

Local Travel Tip: The best way to taste the best food in Louisville is on a food and history walking tour with Louisville Food Tours! Explore the story of Louisville and Kentucky one bite at a time. You can use the code LGL10 for 10% off your booking.

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Best Places to Eat in Louisville Map

What did you think of our list? What restaurants did we miss? Drop us a comment below!

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Louisville, Kentucky is no stranger to some good eats, and with the scene constantly evolving, restaurants changing menus to stay farm-fresh and updating their decor, you can be sure you are gonna find some incredible dining options. I've eaten up and down and all around this town, and have compiled a list of diverse dining options that we think represent the best places to eat in Louisville! Here are the 45 best places to eat in Louisville, Kentucky for brunch, lunch, and dinner, whether you want burgers or Thai. Includes a map!
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