It's gift giving season, y'all! We have rounded up the best Louisville- and Kentucky-themed gifts to give a loved one (or yourself!) this holiday season. Pick from Louisville-themed decor, bourbon like ...everything, or stunning Kentucky artwork, we have all the best gifts to help you shop local for everyone on your list.

Ultimate Louisville Gift Guide: Kentucky-Themed Art, Gifts, & More

It’s gift giving season, y’all! We have rounded up the best Louisville- and Kentucky-themed gifts to give a loved one (or yourself!) this holiday season. Was writing this post an excuse for us to do some holiday shopping? … Maybe.

Pick from Louisville-themed decor, bourbon like …everything, or stunning Kentucky artwork. In the spirit of supporting small businesses, we’ve also included plenty of local stores and Etsy shops! Here are all the best gifts to help you shop local for everyone on your list.

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Louisville Gift Guide

When in doubt, gift-giving Louisville and Kentucky-themed gifts always goes over well! So whether you are giving a present to your Louisville-loving bestie, or sending something out of state to some far-away Kentuckian, we got you covered!

Bourbon Barrel Kentucky Stud Earrings from TWWKY
Kentuckify your ears with Bourbon Barrel Kentucky Stud Earrings. (Photo Credit: TWWKY)

Louisville Stocking Stuffers

Sometimes you just need itty-bitty stuff, to stuff in stockings or ship across the country! And they are so small you can buy like five things. Right… Right?!

These are our favorite stocking stuffers:

  • Louisville Magnet: This colorful magnet is just the thing that someone’s fridge needs! It has iconic Louisville spots like the Muhammed Ali Center, the giant bat, Churchill downs, and other spots you’ll look at and say “ooooh I know what that’s supposed to be!”
  • Louisville Skyline Ornament: This laser-cut wooden ornament features the Louisville skyline! It’s the perfect gift for someone celebrating Christmas far from home and will look gorgeous on any tree!
  • Bourbon Barrel Kentucky Stud Earrings: What says “Kentucky” more than Kentucky-shaped stud earrings made from literal bourbon barrels? If bourbon-barrel earrings tickle your fancy, this cute Kentucky-based shop makes theirs by hand and has plenty of other earring designs, like fleur de lis and literal miniature bourbon barrels (so meta).
  • Louisville Landmark Ornaments: Some people hide pickle ornaments in their Christmas trees. Your gift recipient could hide a miniature illustrated ornament featuring Shopbar, or 21C, Holy Grale, or another beloved Louisville landmark. Pick the location that means the most to your gift giver!
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Louisville Rocks Glass from BRVOGlass
Nothing is neater than drinking from a Louisville, Kentucky Rocks Glass. (Photo Credit: BRVOGlass)

Bourbon Lover Gifts

Is there anything that says “Kentucky” like bourbon?? If your gift recipient is a bourbon lover, these Kentucky-themed bourbon gifts are neat and sure to go over smoothly. 

Get it?? Like smooth like the mouthfeel? When you taste bourbon?? 

… OK, let’s get to these gifts.

  • Bottle of Blanton’s: Back in my day (like, a few years ago) you could just go to the Liquor Barn on Hurstbourne Parkway and just pick up a bottle of Blanton’s. It was no big deal. Today, finding a bottle is dang near impossible. But we’ve scoured the internet far and wide, my friends, and found a source that won’t require you to leave your house, drive to a distillery, or wait in any lines! Any bourbon lover will be stoked about this gift.
  • Woodford Reserve Bitters Set: What’s better than a classic Old Fashioned? A twist (and not just the orange peel)! Louisville’s iconic city cocktail is essential for home mixologists to master, and the next step is to put a unique spin on it, such as using spiced cherry or Sassafras and Sorghum bitters. Throw in a bottle of Woodford-soaked cherries and you’ve got the perfect gift for an Old Fashioned lover!
  • Cocktail Smoker Kit: There are many delicious ways to upgrade the classic Old Fashioned, and a smoker kit is definitely of the most fun! This easy to use kit comes with a butane torch and wood chips to add the perfect smoky flavor to a bourbon cocktail. Plus, the presentation when you have guests over is *chef’s kiss*
  • Louisville, Kentucky Rocks Glass: A set of these Louisville -themed etched Bourbon glasses will look ah-mazing on your loved one’s bar cart! 
  • Louisville Map Rocks Glass: Love our city streets? Same! These rocks glasses feature an etched Louisville map to compliment your gift recipient’s favorite bourbon. Which is Woodford Reserve Double Oaked, right? Or let me guess … Blanton’s. Oh, they’re a Pappy Van Winkle kinda bourbon drinker??? Oh excuse me, I didn’t realize you were giving a gift to royalty.
  • Bourbon Tea Towel: Need a way to show off your bourbon collection that doesn’t involve actual, physical bottles of bourbon? I mean, we are having supply issues these days, after all. This cute tea towel is the perfect bar cart accessory, featuring all of the bourbon bottles that your loved one wishes they owned (Blanton’s, I miss you!) and several that they definitely do (hello Maker’s and Bulleit, my old reliable standbys).
  • Bourbon Watercolor: Love the tea towel design, but don’t love tea towels? The same print is available in a frame, ready to garnish your walls. Get it? Garnish?! Am I trying too hard??
  • Bourbon Barrel Stave Kentucky Shelf: Know what your gift recipient really needs to show off their bourbon collection? A set of shelves shaped like Kentucky, made from bourbon barrels. I mean. This is a showstopper of a gift, y’all. And I want one soooo badly.
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y'all socks from kentucky for kentucky in lexington ky
Y’allilday Truck Socks from Kentucky for Kentucky will make someone’s feet very happy!

Where to Shop for Louisville and Kentucky Clothing

What’s the best way to show you Kentucky pride? On your clothing, duh! Luckily there is a lot of awesome Kentucky clothing that isn’t just about sports, but trendy and actually cute as well.

Here is our favorite clothing:

  • Kentucky for Kentucky: An irreverent store created by Kentuckians for all y’all – and this is the perfect place to find a gift if your recipient is .. like, under 40? Super cool? Super gay? These aren’t your mama’s gifts, y’all. Pick from shirts adorned with stuff shaped like Kentucky, stuff that says “y’all”, and the Kentucky Kicks Ass collection. There’s even a Kentucky Pride Chicken shirt. Dope.
  • Hazel and Hunt: This hip, locally-owned shop in the NuLu marketplace sells a variety of super-soft, vintage-style printed clothes, many of which feature Louisville and Kentucky. We love this Derby City shirt in a vintage Betamax retro style, this soft “Kentucky” corded sweater, and this cute Louisville seal tee featuring a bourbon barrel, fleur de lis and horseshoe crest.
  • LouaBull: This locally owned LGBTQ+ boutique store in NuLu has an edge and a lot of love for Kentucky. Stop in or shop online for Kentucky gifts – especially gay Kentucky gifts! Their selection of graphic tees is epic, including a Louisville collection (obsessed with this Cherokee Park/Jurassic Park crossover) and a Kentucky collection. 
Bourbon balls and a glass of bourbon
Bourbon balls are a classic Kentucky holiday gift! Order a box online from Amazon.

Edible Louisville Gifts

Let’s face it … Louisville is a foodie city, and we make some delicious specialties here! Whether you’re sending the taste of Louisville to someone who lives out of town or just need an excuse to stuff your face (because everyone knows the rule that if you receive an edible gift you have to immediately share it, right??) 

Here’s our favorite incredible edibles:

  • Woodford Reserve Bourbon Balls: Louisville’s most delicious creation are a classic Kentucky holiday gift! Order a box online from Amazon, pair it with a bottle of Woodford Double Oaked, and it will be like giving a trip to the distillery.
  • Louisville Food Tour Gift Card: We love an experience gift! Send your gift recipient on a culinary adventure through Louisville’s most iconic neighborhoods and savor the city’s distinct culinary creations on a delightful walking food tour There’s tons to taste and learn, even for seasoned locals! Use the code LGL10 for 10% off your gift card on the Louisville Food Tours website.
  • Derby Pie®: The ultimate Louisville original! Picture a buttery, flaky crust hugging a decadent filling of chocolate and walnuts (think pecan pie, but way better). Shipped frozen for that home-baked perfection, each slice is a Kentucky celebration – the perfect treat for anyone yearning for a bite of Derby City. Grab one on Amazon!
  • Taste of Louisville Spice Set: If you could bottle the flavor of Germantown, it would probably taste like fenugreek, coriander and other classic German flavors. But what does Old Louisville taste like? Or smoky Butchertown?? This spice set created by Louisville locals has captured the essence of Louisville neighborhoods as spice blends. It’s the perfect gift for the adventurous cook in your life!
  • Kentucky Fried Spice Mix: Love the taste of a certain giant corporate chicken magnate, but don’t … want to support them? Or wish you could recreate delicious Kentucky-style fried chicken at home (perhaps gluten-free)? It’s weird to wrap up and gift a basket of KFC, so this spice mix is as close as you can legally get.
  • Bourbon Smoked Spice Kits: Created by our favorite local purveyors of bourbon-in-edible-form, Bourbon Barrel Foods, these spices are smoked low and slow with broken bourbon barrels for a delicious, smoky depth. The set of six includes Bourbon Smoked Chili Powder, Bourbon Smoked Citrus Pepper, Bourbon Smoked Garlic Salt, Bourbon Smoked Togarashi, Bourbon Smoked Sugar and Bourbon Smoked Chef’s Blend. Pair it with Louisville’s famous bourbon barrel aged soy sauce for the ultimate Kentucky kitchen upgrade!
  • Please & Thank You: Yes, y’all: the best cookies in Louisville, Kentucky, and possibly the world are available to ship all across the USA! You can send up to a dozen cookies, cookie dough, cookie dough mix, and even cookies and coffee to give that sweet, sweet taste of P&TY. You’re welcome.
  • Comfy Cow: Is your gift giver a fan of Comfy Cow’s Bourbon Ball or Cow Trax ice cream? You can pick up to 6 pints shipped in a cold case packed with dry ice to your gift giver! Real talk, my dad gave me this one year for Christmas and it was the best 3 days of my life.
  • Muth’s Candies: The original inventors of Louisville’s delicious caramel-and-marshmallow Modjeska candies will ship a bag to your gift recipient! Throw in some Bourbon Barrels (Muth’s version of the classic Bourbon Ball) for a delicious sweet Louisville treat.
  • Taste of Kentucky: This Middletown store (and online store) is a one-stop shop for all things Kentucky – especially delicious Kentucky gifts! Send your loved one a Derby Pie or bourbon barrel cake, or the Kentucky Sampler featuring a variety of local treats.
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Bourbon & Bluegrass Julep Candle from JulepCandleCo
Make your house smell like a Kentucky home with a Bourbon & Bluegrass Julep Candle (Photo Credit: JulepCandleCo).

Gifts for the Old Kentucky Home

Is your house truly a home without some Kentucky paraphernalia made out of barrels or without it *smelling* like Kentucky? No, no it is not!

Here are some gifts for your old Kentucky home:

  • Kentucky Bourbon Soap: What’s the next best thing to actual Kentucky bourbon? Stuff that smells like Kentucky bourbon, of course! This hand-crafted soap features a rich blend of orange, bergamot, clove, midnight orchid, musk, leather, oak cask, and patchouli.
  • Kentucky Wood Tray: This stunning wooden tray in the shape of Kentucky alternates different colors of wood for a truly show stopping accent bowl. Your gift recipient will never lose their keys again!
  • Kentucky Rain Candle: There are a lot of songs about Kentucky rain, and this locally-made candle embodies the reason why: it smells like being in a field of bluegrass and flowers after an early morning rain. Perfume your home with the scent of green leaves,  Lily of the Valley, Rose, and Sandalwood.
  • Bourbon & Bluegrass Julep Candle: The smell of Kentucky in a Julep glass – that’s essentially this Kentucky-made candle in a nutshell! With base notes of wood and musk layered with herbs and amber, it’s the perfect shot of nostalgia for the senses. And the reusable Julep cup will come in handy when you gift it with a Julep cocktail set, too!
  • Bourbon Barrel Louisville Skyline: This stunning 4′ Louisville skyline is made from reclaimed bourbon barrel heads, and it wood make the perfect centerpiece for your gift giver’s home! Plus, it’s made right here in town – you can even arrange for a local pickup.
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Louisville 3 pieces wall art triptych from CityPrintArt
Get those walls covered with this Louisville Skyline Watercolor Triptych. (Photo Credit: CityPrintArt)

Artwork Featuring Louisville

No one likes naked walls – so let’s get them covered! Honestly, you need a pop of color and to always remind yourself you live in the best city and state!

Here is our favorite Louisville wall art:

  • Louisville Skyline Watercolor Triptych: Hello, color! This splashy watercolor of the Louisville skyline will be a statement adorning your gift recipient’s wall. Love the print, but not sure about the commitment? This art comes as a coffee mug, too!
  • Louisville Skyline and Bridge Watercolor: This beautiful watercolor immortalizes the Louisville skyline reflecting in the Ohio River under the Big Four walking bridge. If your gift recipient has ever been on a Belle of Louisville sunset cruise, they’ve seen this view – and it will be the perfect way to remember it! 
  • Louisville Neighborhood Art: Local artist Bri Bowers makes stunning visual representations of Louisville neighborhoods (like, the art equivalent of our neighborhood guides). Pick the neighborhood that means the most to your gift recipient, like The Highlands, Clifton/Crescent Hill, or Germantown! You can also find her work at Revelry in NuLu.
  • Louisville Map: Sometimes you just don’t want to forget where you are, you know? This classy little line drawing of Louisville will definitely have your friends tracing the little lines trying to find the street they live on. Hey, you can say it’s an interactive gift!
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book at carmichael's bookstore in crescent hill louisville ky
Get Louisville history and and salacious stories in this book by David Dominé, pictured here at Carmichael’s Books.

Where to Shop for Gifts in Louisville

Sometimes you just wanna go peruse and shop local and see what jumps out at you. Luckily Louisville love Louisville so much we have stores all about Louisville!

Check out these local stores:

  • Stoneware & Co: This historic Louisville staple has been making beautiful, heritage pottery since 1815 – and was once a critical part of the bourbon industry! Today, you can visit the beautiful factory at Paristown Point for a tour and to shop in their gorgeous showroom – or shop online. Pick up a piece of stoneware featuring the classic Fleur de Lis, a ceramic Churchill Downs bookend, or an amazing Derby Day Julep set including julep syrups, cups, and pitcher.
  • Revelry Gallery: A NuLu staple, Revelry is a boutique/gallery full of beautiful, locally-made works of art and gifts. It’s a one stop shop for Louisville-themed handmade gifts. Head down the street to Muth’s for some Modjeskas or bourbon barrels to pair with your gift!
  • A Taste of Kentucky: This Middletown store has been the go-to place for Kentucky themed gifts for four decades – I remember going with my mom growing up to buy hostess gifts! From yummy treats to home goods, gift sets and entertaining supplies (cuz y’all know we throw some extra AF parties) you’ll definitely find the perfect gift here.
  • Bourbon Barrel Foods: Like bourbon? Like eating bourbon? The answer is, of course, yes – and there’s an entire store dedicated to eating your bourbon (and other Kentucky specialties) on Frankfort Ave in Clifton! Bourbon Barrel Foods actually began as America’s first soy sauce microbrewery, and their unique bourbon barrel-aged soy sauce is a must-try. Give a gift set full of delicious foods like sorghum cookie mix, bourbon smoked spices, and more.
  • Carmichaels & Carmichael’s Kids: Gift giving to a bibliophile? A good book is always a welcome gift, especially when it’s by a Kentucky author. Louisville’s beloved local bookstore (with locations on Bardstown Road and Frankfort Avenue) has a whole section dedicated to local authors! Pick up one of local haunted historian David Dominé’s books for a gift recipient who loves ghost stories, or something by Hunter S. Thompson for an introduction to Louisville’s most famous journalist!

What did you think of our Louisville gift guide? What questions can we answer? Drop us a comment below!

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It's gift giving season, y'all! We have rounded up the best Louisville- and Kentucky-themed gifts to give a loved one (or yourself!) this holiday season. Pick from Louisville-themed decor, bourbon like ...everything, or stunning Kentucky artwork, we have all the best gifts to help you shop local for everyone on your list.
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